Finally: Chronicles!

Another type of content available on this site is the so-called posts, one of which you are reading. They are combined under the heading “Chronicles” – it’s like a story about the process of creating kitography. Plus descriptions of ordeals (mine) and acquaintances (yours) with this site – under the heading “About this site”. And there is only one exception, which is still highlighted “without a heading” – this is a report on a visit to the parade of Soviet military equipment, mainly of the WWII period. This is temporary, I will make another site later – I will transfer it there.

My posts are bilingual: native Russian and non-native English, which I studied both at school and at the institute, but with little sense. Therefore, I write the source text in Russian, and then translate it by Google.Ttranslate. It would seem why? Who is interested and will translate themselves. And the search engines seem to translate and search themselves. It may be so, but if the text on the site is only in Cyrillic, it will be stupidly unknown to foreign users at all. Only a small fraction of them will go to a specific address. And one of the purposes of the site is to promote the modeling of Soviet / Russian equipment, primarily combat. Yes, yes, here is such a “soft weapon”.

Plus, I’m not just stupidly inserting machine translation and that’s it! Yandex.Translate back into Russian and check the distortion of the meaning. Sometimes my own knowledge is enough. If necessary, I correct the test, simplify it.

Sometimes whole chunks of text are lost. For example, in the “toilet” series in the Russian edition there is a description of foreign words on the topic of the review that have come to the Russian language. And in English, of course, no. Well, plus my passion for mockery, on the one hand, over my native speech, and on the other – strict adherence to its academic canons.

In total, I have published 90 entries in Russian and 69 in English.


There were long periods when I switched to one language. Until recently, the translation lagged behind the original by a week. Now at the same time. There were periods when I did not write at all, but it was the other way around. Now the work schedule (so far) is a weekly publication, mainly on Saturday. Maybe someone noticed. By adding an entry, I change the picture in the header of the site.

In principle, there are overwhelming more bilingual materials. Will anyone see this?

For all positions, we have the primary interest of the domestic public, which accounts for two-thirds of the total number of views. Although if we take into account the obviously unreasonable set number of views of the Russian version of the introduction to bicycles (8 521), then the ratio will become slightly softer, but will not fundamentally change.

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