T-26 Miscellaneous

For the models of this tank, a sufficient number of aftermarket has been prepared, which does not fit into certain categories or is simply available in a limited range, up to single occurrences, which does not allow forming a separate species group. In confirmation of these words and in the further development of the Spanish theme, I propose to look at the set of the New Zealand manufacturer  AC Models

ACM35044 Republicana Tank Crew






The aftermarket from the Russian Moskit Tech generally stands apart both due to the uniqueness of the technology and the subject of modeling: exhaust pipes and tailpipes made of thin metal.

35-08-1 Soviet T-26 Two Turret (early version)










35-08-2 Soviet T-26 Late Version (one turret)










The German MR Modellbau has an ordinary item – an external body kit, but for this particular tank there are no more such items.

MR-35409 Update&Stowage T- 26 Mod. 1935







Tool boxes are also not uncommon, but we only have two manufacturers:

Russian Microdesign with etched set

MD 035325 T-26 Boxes of spare parts









and again the Russian Studio Perfect Model with a resin analogue

35006 T-26 Tool Boxes x2 & Back Light







Roughly the same story with the anti-aircraft machine gun turret:

there is from the Spanish MacOne Models

 MAC35007 DT Machine Gun Set (KV-1/T-35/T-26)








and there is from the Russian Microdesign

MD 035338 Machine gun turret P-40











All sorts of protective nets are quite common, but for the T-26 model, only the Spanish FC Model Trend decided to reproduce this part, and used for this not traditional photo-etching, but 3D printing

35727 T-26 rear grille












Infrared headlights are also not uncommon, but this is for modern tank models, but for pre-war ones – what a rarity that the Chinese E.T. Model

EA35-039 Soviet BT-7/T-26 Night Fighting Search Lights











Separate sets of jacks are quite popular for models of heavy German tanks, but quite the opposite – for Soviet light ones: a rarity and a novelty from the Russian Studio Perfect Model

35017 Jacks for Light Tanks (4 tons)








35018 Jacks for Light Tanks (3 tons)








Just the other day, at one of the domestic auction sites, the owner changed the set

3507 Shielding T-26 mod.1933 plant 174 (Finnish war)












In the lot, the seller mentioned the Russian firm XL. I had never met one before, so I turned to a happy buyer who confirmed this information. As you understand, it is simply unrealistic to find a company with such a laconic name on the Internet. If you know something about her and her products, I would be grateful for the information.


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