Decorative fountains

I have forgotten the Chronicle a little. This is connected, first of all, with the creation and launch of another site of mine: By the way,

I invite you. Having finished with the wells, I, logically, moved on to the fountains, choosing their most striking representatives – decorative ones. At the same time, I should note that the decorativeness turned out to be much less than expected, which automatically affected the accompaniment of the section. Nevertheless. For a number of understandable reasons, I’ll start with a product from the Russian company Armor35

ARM35209 Fountain “Children’s Round Dance”







reproducing the famous fountain in Stalingrad. And he became famous thanks to the photo of the war correspondent Emmanuel Evzerikhin, which he took on August 23, 1942.

against the backdrop of the ruined city, children carelessly lead a round dance. Contrast. At the same time, the fountain was not a unique creation, and similar fountains were in several other cities.

In second place in terms of decorativeness I will put the quartet “European Theater of Operation series, building ruinse” from the Chinese  Yan Model


























So monumental that I doubt it will be in demand.

The third place I would give to the Dutch Reality in Scale with its products

35017 Round Baroque Fountain







35056 16th Century Renaissance Fountain







I will not paint the rest of the places, because there are a lot of products in this nomination – a little more than forty, I will focus on the outsiders. And who is right in these groups and who is not – decide for yourself.




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