BT Conversions

Human nature is both complex and simple at the same time: we always want not what is and is possible, but what is not and what is impossible. For many years, the set from Zvezda was alone on the modeling horizon – take it, yes, glue! But no, I don’t want BT-5, I want something else. And aftermarket manufacturers come to the aid of such fidgets.

The American Commander Series Models has established conversions to almost all other modifications


2-061 Finnish BT42






2-062 Soviet BT Backdate







2-063 Soviet BT7 model 1935








2-064 Soviet BT7 model 1937






And her compatriot MB Models released a conversion to a machine gun BT-2

1105 Russian BT-2 Model 1932 (Mg armed)






The Polish RPM has a couple of weird plastic conversion kits that are already accounted for in the T-26 line

35003 Light Tank T-26/BT 2







35029 BT-2, T-26A, T-26T, OT-26, T-26/Bt-2 Conversion Set






And somehow I do not burn with the desire to transfer them to the BT catalog.


With the release of the model from Tamyia, the attention of the conversion workers switched to it. Chinese Rhino Models offered the following kits

RAM 35003 Soviet BT-7M 1937 Model Conversion






RAM 35005 Soviet BT-5 Model Conversion






Guess what happened when the HobbyBoss line of kits came out? That’s right, new conversions have appeared. 3D printing from American Hellcat Scale Models

BT-5 Conversion set for Hobbyboss






Interestingly, for a full-fledged implementation, you will need not only the BT-2 set from HobbyBoss, but also the tower from Tamiya‘s set. What the company honestly warns everyone about

And I have photos of a couple more conversion kits that I can’t identify. Here ALL hope is only for you, dear readers!

Presumably from Commander Series Models


conversion to SPG

And the second set of someone from Russian manufacturers


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