Amenities Consumers (Adults Only)

So we got to the consumers of all of the above products. I’m not talking about modelers, but about figurines that you can attach to these toilets and toilets.

And there is nothing terrible. The capital of a united Europe, even before its unification, was widely known for the monument to the little boy of indecent action.


Yes, yes, I’m talking about Brussels and the world famous statue of a pissing boy. And I literally just found out that not only boys piss there

On a scale, there are no boys, but adult men are present, moreover, of various nationalities and historical eras. Of the latter, this is an addition to the armored cars of the WWI from the Latvian Copper State Models Copper State Models

 F35-009 British RNAS Armoured Car Division Petty Officer Relief






Russian Bravo-6 filled a niche in other national-historical areas: a German from WWII

B6-35121 German Tanker












Please note that the kit includes a replaceable “tool” that allows you to reflect your attitude towards the character. Or the possibilities of vision.

The second figurine is an American in the Vietnamese theater of operations.

B6-35316 Life is Good












I like the name!

Who would like to add charm to their dioramas with similar dogs – no problem, here are a few options.


Armor35 Aurora Model Mantis Miniatures
ARM35-001(3D) Mongrel dogs (Set I) ML-036 Puppies Set 35067 Animals Set 17 – Dogs


Since dogs do not need toilets to cope, we will not dwell on them in detail.

The most popular persons of such miniatures are precisely German soldiers. British Hornet told us about it in metal

 GH14 German Soldier “Relief at the front”















And in plastic – Ukrainian Master Box

3539 German motorcyclists, 1940-1943







I believe that this is the most affordable option from the considered.

If conventions and sexism are alien to enlightened Europe, then why do we need them? The only product from the French MK35 is dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity

F099 Woman “piddling”










Speaking of women. I didn’t want to embarrass you earlier, but the South Korean SOL model has expanded its range by adding two figurines to its bathroom.

MM136 Bathing Girl and Bath Room







MM143 Bathing Girl 2 and Bath Room







It should be noted that the theme of taking baths, although weakly, is still reflected in the modeling.


It is not entirely in the subject, but I did not consider it possible to leave it without consideration.

Let’s leave the beauty on this and return to the unforgettable Schweik

“When the Pole once again shouted his ‘Kaffee’, and Second Lieutenant Dub went straight towards him, the Pole sentry, remembering his oath and that he was on duty, shouted threateningly: ‘Halt!’ When Second Lieutenant Dub took two more steps towards him and again demanded a password from him, he pointed a gun at him and, not knowing German properly, yelled in mixed Polish-German: “Benzhe Scheisn, Benje Scheisn” 264 .

264 I will shoot! (The Polish soldier speaks bad German, and he says “scheisen” instead of “schiesen”, that is, “shit” instead of “shoot”)


Yes, let’s move from small to big.

It should be noted that some manufacturers of toilet models immediately equip their products with the human factor. For example the Belgian Belgo Model

 R010U  Back Garden W.C












Or the Czech Serge Art Studio, which has also ceased to operate.

 SAA 3501 The Out House







I have already noted its possible relationship with another Czech company ABK Models

35001 The Out House – Set









which went further and brought a person from the premises

35003 German soldier at sh…








drawing it with dignified care.

But Verlinden Production remains the leader in the production of these products with a couple of its paired sets, each of which takes into account all aspects of this activity.

1472 Things to do






1996 Things to do II, US WWII