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The most attentive readers must have noticed the absence of such an important section in the description of tank models as tank gun barrels. Indeed, I have listed everything, including decals, but there are no barrels.

Here everything is simple or, on the contrary, everything is complicated. I started doing the corresponding section, but stopped when I came across painfully familiar sets. I met with them while forming kitographs on multi-turret tanks, small Soviet armor and T-26 tanks. I will meet them at least once again when I do kitography on pre-war armored vehicles.

The 45-mm tank gun model 1932/38 (20K) is a product of very wide application. Due to the technical features of the database used on the site, I will either have to create copies of the same entry for different kitographies, or allow an orgy in the “Tags / Tags” used. Both of those are bad.

Therefore, for this gun and, perhaps, for the 76-mm tank gun model 1927/32 (KT, KT-28), I will make a separate kitography a little later, where I will transfer the corresponding sets from all the above sections. Degtyarev machine guns will also be added there.

Thus, here we are left with a 37-mm B-3 (5-K) model 1930 tank gun, the barrels of which are produced on a scale:

Russian ModelPoint

3570 B-3 (5K) 37mm barrel









and Czech Elefant

35.339 37mm Gun for BT-2 (Mirage kit)









And the German MR modellbaru has a metal barrel in the kit

MR-35620 Soviet Fast Tank BT-2 early prod. with gun turret (HOBBY BOSS)






already mentioned earlier


The Finnish modification of the BT-42, of course, has absolutely no Soviet weapons. Barrels for the Finnish howitzer 114 H 18 114mm, nee British 4.5-inch field howitzer model 1909-1917 (English designation – Ordnance QF 4.5 inch Howitzer Mark I) produce

Polish Aber

35 L-119 114mm H/18 Howitzer barrel for Finnish Army BT-42 Assault Gun









It is interesting that earlier there was a tiny PE in the kit, but now it is not.

Chinese LionMarc

LM10044 114mm Barrel for BT-42









Japanese Passion Models

P35-077 114mm Barrel for BT-42 for Tamiya









Here, in fact, that’s all! A little over 3 months and almost done! A little short of two hundred kits in kitography, but, over time, this will obviously happen.

Now I will start to form a “printed” version of the catalog in pdf. I will definitely inform you about the release and availability for download.

As promised, I will separate the universal barrels of pre-war armored vehicles into a separate catalog. How and when it will be I do not know yet.

I will also think about the topic of the next kitography. Of the pre-war ones, I still have KV (there is a very large volume, much more than this), armored cars (but trucks will definitely have to be included there), non-self-propelled artillery (but it goes beyond the historical period). I also keep one eye on armored personnel carriers with an underlying desire to collect something.


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