I’ve been dreaming about my own website for a long time. Usually I posted materials on other people’s sites. For example on forum Panzer35. I’m not going to leave him: there are very nice people and a benevolent atmosphere. I invite you to visit it.
But from a technical point of view, I became cramped on it.
The exact steps to create a website I started after a failed change of domain name hosting pictures. I realized that I have to keep my images myself.
I decided to make a website on WordPress. And began to study materials. At first I was very surprised by the words “sidebar”, “widgets” and so on, but then I got used to it.
Wordpress is a huge universe! It has everything, but it is very difficult to find the right one.
At first I tried everything on the local computer and only then moved to hosting. Now I think that it was necessary to work at once on a “live” site. You wouldn’t have to move or redo everything. I had to make the site again. But it made him even better.

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