Bicycle taxis and rickshaws

Did you know that the winner of the Tour de France 2019 British cycling team Team INEOS (GBr) received 799,200 €? And in total there were prizes in the amount of 2 245 800 €? I did not know. Now I look at cyclists a little differently.

But such a rich life was not always with them. There were bad years when they wanted to eat but did not leave the bike. The bicycle fed them, or rather, bicycle taxis.

One of the options that the French MK35 recreated in resin.

A089 Bicycle taxi








There were more remarkable designs, including tandem

The idea of a bicycle trailer is still alive. Now many different types and modifications are produced.

In these designs, the bicycle was used unchanged: the trailer unhooked – and again you are a free bird. But there were more specialized designs – rickshaws. Until now, the word “rickshaw” for me has been exclusively oriental – both in origin and application.

Nevertheless, it turned out that there were rickshaws in European countries.


but also not from a good life. Polish ToRo Model has released a series of sets allowing you to recreate the atmosphere of Warsaw 40s of the last century

35028 Bike rickshaw









35F106 The Forties – Rickshaw driver









35F130 The Forties – Woman in a hat









35F131 The Forties – Woman getting into a rickshaw









35F134 The Forties – Bike rickshaw with passengers









But rickshaws were exclusively for military purposes. What convinces us the set from the Dutch Crossroads Scalemodels

 CRV0001 German Cargo bike








and her successors Scale Line

 256 German soldiers on a tricycle









Except on Scalemates, I did not find any references to these sets. Honestly, the prototypes are also empty.

If necessary, you can take advantage of the experience of an oldjoker colleague who built a wagon based on Tamiya‘s set of German field cuisine


Or buy ready-made carts of the Hong Kong company  Tiny

107 Die-cast Model Car – Rickshaw









ATC35016a  City Alloy Car — Rickshaw Lian Hongbo Portrait










But apart from the scale, they do not suit us at all, therefore I cite only here as information.





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