BT wheels

The next noticeable part of the tank is its chassis. It is clearly divided into two components – rollers and tracks. Thank God, there is no conversion / upgrade dualism here – everything here is a replacement for the factory one.

Let’s start with the rollers, because, as we know, it is this tank that can do without tracks.

One of the fairly recent products is a set from the Russian A-Resin


35025 BT-2 Chassis









But the kits from the Japanese Modeling Artisan Mori, on the contrary, are quite old.

MRP06 Drive sprokets for BT-5 & BT-7











MRP09 BT-7 late type Drive sprokets











In addition, they are no longer produced (not even listed on the site), but are still being sold.


Polish Panzer Art launches a set of wheels without rubber bands

RE35-16 Burn out Wheels for Soviet BT-7 Tank












Well, another octet from the Russian Komplekt ZiP


35042 Chassis Bt-5 BT-7 for Zvezda kit












35051 Chassis Bt-5 BT-7 for East Express kit













35052 Chassis Bt-2, BT-5 for Zvezda kit













35070 BT-7 Road wheels without rubber band for Tamiya, East Express












35071 Chassis Bt-7 for Tamiya kit













35072 Chassis BT-7 for East Express kit













35073 BT-7 Road wheels without rubber band for Zvezda













35074 Chassis BT-7 for Zvezda












That’s like everything. Not very much.


While we have not gone far from the skating rinks, let’s look at the masks for painting them. The Polish QuickWheel with its reusable products is an undoubted phenomenon in this field.

QW-051Wheel Mask BT-7 Zvezda

















QW-095 Wheel Mask BT-7 Tamiya
















QW-257 Wheel Mask BT-2 HobbyBoss







The rest of the companies produce masks in the traditional, paper form. This is Czech Eduard

XT166 BT-7 wheel masks











Russian SX-Art

35027 Paint Mask BT-7 (Tamiya)













Well, of course, we couldn’t do without the Russian Komplekt ZiP here either.

63000 Tank bandages BT-7 (Zvezda 3545)









63006 Tank bandages BT-5 (Zvezda 3507)









Another Russian Microdisign in some of its kits gives an etched stencil, but more on that later

I myself am a rather lazy person, so at least ask my wife, but with such a device

I cover all my needs in this area. Moreover, I have a couple of them – it’s convenient to cut the rings: set it up and know yourself to wind the circles!

Why buy masks – I do not understand. But that’s my personal opinion.



PS Not all riddles I have listed in previous issues. There is still. Does anyone have an idea what might be listed under the designation BT-3 in the product of the American Commander Series Models?


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