Convenience in the yard

I could not pass by the new items from the Ukrainian ICM

35800 Field Toilet







And although the announcement is in March, the theme and the mark “100% new forms” make it possible to classify the product as an April Fool’s joke. What does not often occur, but most likely simply – this particular time.

And of course this: humor and toilet – could not but inspire nostalgia for youthful times, when the work of J. Hasek “The Fate of the Good Soldier Švejk during the World War” was not just a handbook, but, in spite of its size, a pocket book. Probably there is no other book in which this subject and related areas would be described so often and lovingly.

Once in bed, Schweik fell asleep blissfully. Then he was woken up and offered a mug of milk with a bun. The bun was cut into small pieces, and while one orderly was holding Schweik by the hands, another dipped the pieces of bun in milk and fed him, as in the village they feed geese with dumplings. After eating, he was taken under his arms and taken to the toilet, where he was asked to cope with large and small needs.

 Schweik talks about this wonderful moment with rapture. We do not dare to fully describe what they did with him there, we will mention only one of his words: “One of them was holding me in his arms at the same time,” Schweik said.

This topic is not new in modeling and the Ukrainian product is not unique. From more or less well-known manufacturers, I will name a product from the Polish Eureka XXL

ED-3502 Country Toilet (Outhouse)









Yes, not only cables!

And the Czech Hauler

HLU35079 Latrine















Surely someone has heard about the American Tank Workshop

(TWS) 1001 European Outhouse















It is possible that no one already remembers the Czech JM model, which has long gone out of business.

 35008 Wooden Latrine












even in collaboration with the compatriot Elefant

 35.008 Wooden latrine

















Or even more ancient monsters of the pre-industrial model world such as American Custom Dioramics and Lincoln County Line with an identical product

CD-331 Outhouse LC 0017 Military Toilet Stall


Pay attention to the militaristic nature of the building.

However, it is not a fact that many people know about the French MK35 (quite a specific company)

A079 Water-closet in the garden







or Dutch Reality In Scale

35134 The Outhouse













And also about practically newcomers to the market: Czech ABK Models

35002 The Out House









or Hungarian Black Army Modells

35-39 Central European village WC











To be continued …


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