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I will start the topic of marking and inscriptions on the model using decals and masks with an American loner enthusiast called Decalcomaniacs, at least because he is the only one who has decals for Christie’s tank

DM-053 T-3 Christie Light tank






BT tanks have a rich combat history. This is where I’m going to post stuff. Personally, I like Spain. For this theater of operations, there are, or rather were, decals from the Swedish BisonDecals

35 134 Republican T-26 & BT-5. Spanish Civil War.









And they were because the company was renamed and became known as Star Decals, respectively, and the set changed a little and became

35-С1174 Spanish Civil War # 6.









Another Spanish company FC Model Trend has a set

35220 BT-5 & BA-6 in Spain







And another ancient Spanish company Hispacalcas produced

Spanish Civil War (1936-39)







It was already included in the kitography  T-26


Another foreign site for the use of BT tanks is Finland. The already mentioned BisonDecals has decals for this region.

35147 Finbish Tank Mix #1









And her successor Star Decals

35-C1042 Finnish Tanks in WW2 # 6.









A rare guest in this field is Chinese BT. The decals on them are made by the Chinese company Bestfong.

35004 Chinese Tank in WWII









There is also a marking for German captured tanks from the Polish Jadar-Model

Armo 35418 Captured Vehicles vol.2





and Echelon Fine Details

D356163 Beute BT-7









The bulk of the markings and inscriptions refer to the Soviet theme. Continue with the same manufacturer

D356161 BT-7s Model 1935, 1937 & BT-7M (53rd)









D356167 BT-7 Model 1937 (War Hero)









D356169 BT-7s Model 1935 & 1937 (34th, 1st)









The Russian online store A-model has products of its brand, incl. decals on the topic, and even in two parts

135009 BT-5, BT-7 Tanks. Part 1







135010 BT-5, BT-7 Tanks. Part 2







Russian Colibri Deals also have decals

35016 BT-7







35071 BT-7







35072 BT-7 М







And I will complete this subsection with the products of the now defunct Russian company Travers

35-002 BT tanks









Then it began to be called Begemot and may be known to you under this name, but this decal was not repeated.

But not only decals can be used for tactical marking. For geometrically simple things, I personally prefer stencils. This opportunity is provided to me by the Czech Eduard

XT048 BT-7 Markings









The production of kits from the Belarusian HobbyPlus has been discontinued due to the closure of the company.

SU35073 BT-5









SU35074 BT-5








В наборе есть и декали.


SU35118 BT-7 mod.1935








and in conclusion, a mysterious stencil from the Spanish valejo.  

ST-AFV003 Soviet Numbers WWII








First, the material is not understandable, there is a suspicion that this is etching. Secondly, only from the commentary on the site it becomes clear that this is for BI and T-26

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