Desert wells

Another type of wells that I found it necessary to separate into a separate category is desert wells. Structurally, they are stone, a distinctive feature is precisely the geography, which is referred to as North African, Mediterranean, etc. Especially the direct name in English blows away: “desert”, that is. deserted. In Russian, it comes from French from “dessert” derived from “desservir” (to clear the table). In Russian, “Dessert” is “a dish that is served before being removed from the table.” So dessert wells are just at the end of the review! As befits a sweet: there are not many of them.

I’ll start with the classic and most frequently repeated pattern.


Something like this was captured in resin:

British  Fields of Glory

FOG5159 Desert Well







Italian Model Victoria

 4047 North African Well








Dutch  Reality in Scale

35208 Large North African Well







And the American Verlinden Productions combined a small diorama set

2456 Desert Oasis






Simpler, but structurally similar, products from the Dutch DioDump

DD059 North African / Mediterranean well









and her compatriot Reality in Scale

35159 North African/Middle Eastern Well







The Briton Fields of Glory is quite simple.

FOG5148 Desert Well vignette base







And if someone did not understand the first time, then he will repeat:

FOG5171 Bedouin Well







But the easiest option from the French Heller

81255 Socle Diorama Desert







He’s the only one made of plastic.

Strictly speaking, this is exactly what the wells actually ended up with. The next issue of our program is fountains!



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