Electric welding

Whoever in childhood, opening his mouth, watched a manual lightning flash at a construction site, and then tried to blink until the evening, he knows what electric welding is.

The first thing that is required for electric welding is, of course, a power source. These things are quite heavy, so they are often put on a wheel drive, which automatically includes them in our area of interest.

Here in the leaders of manufacturers is the Italian Royal Model, which has two such products.

707 Welder Set (WWII)









717 Generator









Belgian Resicast product is much less brutal

35.2385 Electric Weld Machine









And an industrial kit from industry veteran Verlinden Production

 2632 Panzerwerk Grinders & Welder









A small decal from the German Peddinghaus-Decals will definitely decorate it

VPU 2632 Panzerwerk Grinders & Welder









Due to the limited assortment, there was an idea to expand it by using current generators in general, but since there are enough products in the form of car trailers, I decided that this was already too much.

In general, welders for gas and electric welding do not differ, due to the fact that they are sometimes generally the same people, nevertheless, the presence of a specific tool in the hands allows you to do this. As in the case of a product from the same Italian  Royal Model

683 Man Using Electric Welder No.1










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