Farm carts wheels

Farm carts are different, but their wheels are the same. No, they have different sizes, but they are all wooden: from the spokes to the rim. In addition, you can’t really tell by their appearance – they are from a cart or from a handcart. So I put everything here.

Here are the products from the Belgian LSG Laser Kits, clearly both ranges

A35008 Cart Wheels L (40mm)







A35009 Cart Wheels S (28mm)







Here, as it were, a four-wheel set. But the next sets will have to be bought in pairs, because in each of them everything (or already). And this is a direct German classic, because it is also found in MAiM


MAIM35488 Old wooden cartwheels (2pcs)







and Matho Models

 35032 Wagon Wheels

Although the worst of all is three at once: not there and not here, like their compatriot RT-Diorama

 35599 Cart Wheels












On the other hand, just a wheel without a wheelbarrow or other accessories is not very interesting. The spirit, the atmosphere of the place in which it will be located is interesting

35600 Farm Essentials













And this place is not necessarily a peaceful and good. It can be bad and military, like a series of bases from the Czech black dog

D35070 Base 3 pieces







D35100 Trench entrance WWI base







D35105 Trench WW I N°3







Undoubtedly, such wheels in the First World War were encountered much more often than in the Second, but they also had a place in it. At least at the very beginning, as in the set from the Polish Adalbertus

35-021 Polish Anti-Tank Team with UR rifle














Agree here, it well sets off the border of peace and war. However, those who do not want to be led by the manufacturer can buy a neutral set and independently determine what it sets off there. This will help a set from British manufacturers Armour Connection

 “Battle Damaged” Farmyard Accessories















Although the name of the set is clearly with a militaristic bias. And here is the second from fellow countryman Arran Models

 Farmyard Accessories














there is a clear pacifist.

I do not specifically indicate in this section the product from the Czech PlusModel

because although it has a wheel in it, it is not really a wheel. Well, I have wells in another kitography.

Immediately I want to warn you: not everywhere where such a wheel is drawn on box art, it is in the list of contents. As an example, I will cite the crafty Belgian from Verlinden Productions

And I found what RT-Diorama made three “spare” wheels for!



It’s really not about that and on another scale, but it looks great!



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