Farm carts

And continuing the theme of carts, I want to note that there is nothing more antagonistic in nature to combat carts than peaceful farm carts. If the former help to destroy life in any of its manifestations, then the latter are fully and completely involved in its recreation and preservation.

But for all the differences, they also have one thing in common: they are both about two wheels. So far we are considering just such.

And let’s start with the Polish company Adalbertus, which existed for 12 years and closed in 2017, and its product

35504 Street Cart, Groceries














I’m not a great historian of Polish modeling firms, it’s just all written on this firm’s website, which has not yet been closed.

Maybe they will correct me that this is not just a farm cart, but a greengrocer’s cart, but I retort: “Where are the vegetables from?

I will define as neighbors another Western (for us) Slavs the Czech Hauler with a resin set

HLU35101 Farmer cart















These completely fit the definition. And I must say that with such workmanship


cause a sincere desire to buy immediately. Personally, I was very impressed with the texture of the wood.

I agree with Ben Morton, the author of the review on ipmsusa3.

On the other hand, nothing can better convey the texture of a wood other than the wood itself. This is exactly what the Belgians from Yenmodels thought when laser cutting the parts according to the patterns of the Argentinean Lucas Gargoloff under the LSG Laser Kits brand.








from this set you can create such a miracle


Franckmaquette will tell you how to do it in the topic “Montage d’une charrette 1/35 LSG LASER KITS“. He insists on obtaining permission to publish pictures and indicate links to it, and so – I honestly requested one with an indication of where and why I will post. No response after two weeks. Maybe in Eropy everything is different, but here in Russia: silence is a sign of consent. So I’m posting!

There is a slightly more sophisticated version of such a cart.

A35022 Vendor Cart







An interesting coincidence: these pieces were released in 2017. Didn’t they drive the last nails into the coffin lid of the Polish Adalbertus?

This direction could not be ignored by the French MK35 with a rich assortment of rural themes. Here and separately the cart

A017 Handcart







and complete with figure

F116 Barrow Girl






Czech PlusModeldid not stand aside

513 Greengrocer trolley











It is impossible not to mention the products of the Dutch Reality in Scale

 35098 Hand Cart












35152 Small Hand Cart incl. decals







the fact that the manufacturer puts into the box not only resin, but also everything that could potentially be required during assembly: wire, chains,

by itself – decals. Truly: Reality in Scale

Farmers do not always manage to do their creative work, which was reflected by the Italian Royal Model

628 Evacuee Pulling Cart







Products of Czech black dog, though is not a pure model kits, but the other parameters fully comply with the subject.

D35083 Hue street (Vietnam 1968) base







D35109 Street with cart base







Italian NINIVElaunches a product under the Wars brand

art.24-35 Handcar











very constructively similar to the counterpart from the Belgian (then still) Verlinden Productions

 1082 Farmers Cart since C.1800






which is not surprising, because according to the assurance of the Belgian, they have been like this for many hundreds of years.

Ukrainian MiniArt, like me, cannot get out of the theme of carts, wheelbarrows and other small mechanization, having released another mix of its new and old sprues

35621 Small carts Collection






And the same new sprues in a separate product

35623 Market Cart with Vegetables






the last set is just a novelty from last week!

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