Happy birthday John Walter Christie!

Undoubtedly, considering the family of Soviet BT tanks, one cannot fail to mention its forerunner – the American Christie tank. Especially in the crosshairs of occasions: I collect kitography, and John Walter Christie was born on May 6, 1865, i.e. today, in what is now New York City. Let’s honor the memory of a brilliant, albeit a little extravagant inventor.

Of course, with all due respect to the inventor, I will only consider the M1931 modification. Well, you must admit that the Christie M1919 Medium Tank is structurally different and does not evoke good feelings in Russia.

In my opinion, it was precisely as a whole tank that we did not receive it, it would be more correct to say that we were sold a tank chassis.

I have not been able to find a resin or plastic full kit of this tank. Only the appearance of a set from Zvezda, or rather a repackaging of Italery available abroad, contributed to the appearance of resin conversions. Of course on American soil, namely a set from Commander Series Models

2-067 American T3 Christie








Another American company, MB Models, produced a kit that was surprisingly similar to the previous one.

1104 American T3 Christie







It may very well be that this is an heiress or rebranding.


This company has been gone for a long time, but its countrywoman Commander Models exists, has a website and sells its own sets, incl. and

2-002 US T-3 Christie Light Tank






But this conversion is already based on Tamiya‘s BT-7. (If anyone has, send me a photo of the box. And everything else).

And maybe someone knows the relationship between these firms?

I found only one complete set of this tank from the American company again Vargas Scale Models in 3D


R3D-260  M 1931 Christie Medium Tank







She has many interesting models, incl. few other Christies.

Happy birthday John Walter Christie – descendants remember you!


PS The reduced volume has one more explanation – I’m going to Yekaterinburg in the hope of getting to the rehearsal and the parade itself, and to the retro parade in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

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