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Since the case is rapidly moving towards completion, I decided to clean up the bins and post information about the various sets that did not fall into the previous sections due to subject or model inconsistencies. Well, or missed due to sloppiness, like this set from the Polish Aber

35 G27 Grilles for BT-7 or BT-42









Grilles, but not etched, but 3D printed, are available from the Spanish FC Model Trend

35732 Bt-5/7 Engine grille









Here’s another interesting find just made. The Russian company Мир моделей is known for its etching kits from VoyagerModel. So when I came across this set,

T35029 BT-7









I thought it was a repack. But Eduard has nothing like it! If you take a good look at the board, you can see that along with the manufacturer’s brand in the lower left corner, in the upper right corner there is Мир моделей brand. Plus, the product index on the frame does not correspond to the packaging. Now the firm has a completely different product under this index.

It turns out that Мир моделей at one time ordered Eduard to make his own photo-etching. Uniqueness and authorship is confirmed at least by the fact that only they have a lattice given by two halves.

I love it when something interesting comes out of nowhere!

Canadian Hussar Productions has isolated the barrel and PE parts from their turret kits reviewed earlier into a separate kit.

HSR 35025 BT-7 & T-26 barrels set with MG bracket









Domestic Microdisign decided to make a set for fuel tanks

MD 035359 Fuel tanks of BT tanks









Russian Moskit produced a set of exhaust pipes created using some unique technology

35-27 Soviet BT-7









Several times, curiosity (what kind of unique technology?) was persuaded to buy, but their price successfully extinguished these attempts.

The Ukrainian Mini Tank has similar products, which I have not come across before.

G 35001 Metal exhausts BT-7






Most likely the commodity index G 35001 was assigned to another set

And the set, having expanded with photoetching, received a different index and name

G 35006 Metal exhausts BT-7/BT-42









Latvian North Star Models releases a set of etched belts for the entire family of tanks

NS35044 Straps for canvas-cover for Soviet BT tanks









The Ukrainian Vmodels creates competition for them in this.

35071 Straps for canvas-cjver Soviet BT tank







From the remains of the resin, we have a mini-conversion from the German MR modellbau

MR-35404 update & stowage BT-7M Diesel engine







And another find from the domestic Мир моделей. They tend to photo-etch, but they also have some resin kits, incl. this

K35001  Gun mask 45 mm, commander’s sight, fan, DT machine gun, signal conversion kit for detailing models T-26, T-35, BT-5, BT-7, BA









They lack conciseness in the name of products.


But the resin bases from the Czech black dog, in general, the product is unique

D35099 Destroyed BT-7 base







Well, I almost forgot the set from the Spanish AGV Models

35022 Detailed Russian T-26 BA-3 BA-6 BT-5 and early type BT-7







previously already taken into account in kitography on T-26.

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