Multi-turret tank. Catalog update. Part 2.

As for the T-35 in the new version, there are not many new products, due to the fact that at that time the main players and even Zvezda had already fired. Of the significant things, I consider it necessary to add a repackaging of the Мир моделей  from VoyagerModel.

T35055 Basic set for T-35




and the only implementation of the engine from the domestic  T.echnical C.ontrol

 TC-35-005 Tank engine M-17L







If you choked with saliva, then in vain. Firstly, the price for this product was quite high, and secondly, apparently, the founder, owner, and really the only person who represented this company is no longer with us.

Well, two machine gun turrets are inherited from the T-26.


from MacOne Models

MAC35007 DT Machine Gun Set (KV-1/T-35/T-26)








from Микродизайн

MD 035338 Machine gun turret P-40











At some stage of the formation, the KV-5 caught my eye. Taking a closer look, I realized that he can, albeit formally, be considered multi-turret. Accordingly, he added the entire product line. But this is not so interesting, I will not describe it in detail.

The SMK section, which at that time consisted of one resin set from Atelier Infinite, has significantly expanded. Added plastic kits from Takom

2112 Soviet Heavy Tank SMK






and Trumpeter

09584 Soviet SMK Heavy Tank






Accordingly, a set of barrels from the Polish Aber

35 L-275 Main Armament for Soviet Heavy Tank SMK 1×76,2mm L-11, 1x45mm M1932









and ModelGun

MG-3506 Complect for SMK (2in1) 45mm 20K and 76mm L-11





tracks from Friulmodel

ATL-184 KV 5 / SMK











and MasterClub

MTL-35237 SMK, KV-5













MTL-35238 SMK













Rollers, masks and barrels in resin from Russian ARezin

35023 SMK Exterior









The range of the T-100 has slightly expanded, mainly in resin and produced by the Japanese  Atelier Infinite

35-0083 T-100 (Late) Heavy Tank





35-0084 T-100Z Tank





And we managed to find a set of another mysterious manufacturer from the Land of the Rising Sun, namely Fairy Kikaku with a set

2 T-100







But not everything is so bad in this direction. If Trumpeter delivers on its promises and actually releases its

including already allegedly right at the exit

09589 Soviet Su-100U Tank Destroyer






A separate section on trunks has also migrated to the new edition. Their range has expanded to include KT-28, L-10, 20K. Moreover, if this is a set for a specific model, then it is placed in the appropriate section. And the cannon section contains “ownerless” items.

In general, I freaked out about the shells and, having collected it at all bases, moved it to the catalog “Typical equipment of Soviet armored vehicles” and even entering identification by caliber.

As a result of all the manipulations with the kitography, the following quantitative (qualitatively described in the first part) changes occurred


Pages Products Pictures Firms
Version № 1 22 95 151 31
Version № 2 36 177 180 43


You can download, watch, use.

To your health!


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