New base: Multi-turret Soviet tanks

I casually moved into the database for Multi-turret Soviet tanks. There weren’t many of them.
I did not enjoy the mechanical work of transferring information from one place to another. Therefore, horrified look at the rest of them I will have to do it, but don’t want to. Especially (not want, need) materials on the T-54/55.
Endured not purely mechanical: the new items that came across in the process was Downes. Them and not much:

HobbyBoss 83887 Soviet T-12 Medium Tank Model

Takom 2112 Soviet Heavy Tank SMK









The first of them I will not buy, because collected T-24, and structurally they are not very different. And here is the second-necessarily! I’m choking on my saliva.

If I missed something, you are welcome to come in, add.

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