Photo-etched BT (Tamiya)

The undoubted leader in the attention of aftermarket manufacturers are sets from the Japanese Tamiya.

The classic photo-etched design for tank models is two sets: the main and fenders. There are many exceptions to this rule, but the basics are this.

Let’s see. And let’s start with the Polish Aber


35 245 Russian light tank BT-7 – vol.1 – basic set









There is a suspicion bordering on certainty that this set was replaced in 2013 by a new set

35 258 BT-7 (1937) vol.1 – basic set









and the second member of this ensemble

35 246 Russian light tank BT-7 – vol. 2 – additional set – fenders









Although in terms of products of the Czech Eduard, the above rule does not really work. Initially there was one set with elements of both interior and exterior,

36141 BT-7









Which after three years expanded and split into two sets

36253 BT-7 Interior









36257 BT-7 exterior









An almost classical distribution in the Chinese E.T. model : base set

 E35-064 WWII Soviet BT-7 (Mod.1935) Basic









separate fenders

E35-065 WWII Soviet BT-7 (Mod.1935) Fenders









But there is also a combo set that combines all the sets of the company on the topic

S35-007 WWII Soviet BT-7 (Mod.1935) Basic Value Package









these two and an additional set with infrared headlights, included in the catalog for T-26

EA35-039 Soviet BT-7/T-26 Night Fighting Search Lights









Their compatriot VoyagerModel did the same: the main set

PE35391 Russian BT-7 model 1935 (For TAMIYA 35309)









fenders set

PE35392 Russian BT-7 model 1935 fenders (For TAMIYA 35309)









headlights “combat light”

PEA223 Russian BT-7 night fighting lens (For TAMIYA35309/Express)









and all this together

JO35064 Russian BT-7 model 1935 (For TAMIYA 35309)









Domestic Microdesign did everything according to the classical scheme

MD 035368 BT-7 basic set (Tamiya)









MD 035369 BT-7 fenders (Tamiya)









There are similar duets for BT-42. From Polish Aber

35 247 Finish army assault gun BT-42 – vol.1 – basic set









35 248 Finish army assault gun BT-42 – vol. 2 – additional set – fenders









and Chinese VoyagerModel

PE35455 Finnish Army Assault Gun BT-42 Basic (For TAMIYA 35318)









PE35456 Finnish Army Assault Gun BT-42 Fenders (For TAMIYA 35318)









And in Japanese Passion Models, these two lines converged in one product.

 P35-072 BT-7/BT-42 PE set for Tamiya

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