Photo-etching BT (Zvezda, EE)

The aftermarket assortment for BT models allows for a very smooth transition from tracks to photo-etched. And the product from the Polish Aber will help in this.

35 A005 Parts to construct movable tracks for BT-5



















Rather rare, but meeting the type of photoetching. In the current realities, the set is clearly for masochists, but in 1995 there was no alternative to it.

Etching is most often designed for a specific model of a specific manufacturer. Since I started with BT-5 Zvezda, I will continue like this.


35 003 Soviet tank BT-5
















Czech Eduard has an obscenely old set

35 107 BT-5 for Italery Zvezda kit















So old that they have such a poor picture of the frame on their website

Although, on the other hand, it is only a little younger than the set itself: 1996


Small etched boards were produced by British Airwaves

AFV35040 Soviet BT-5












by Spanish Alhambra Models

35.006 Russian Fast Tank BT-5












by Ukrainian Mars Models

35002 BT-5 for Zvezda/Italery













by Japan The Show Modelling

059 BT-5
















And everything would be sad if not for the Russian Microdisign

MD 035355 BT-5 (Zvezda)

















MD 035356 BT-5 fenders (Zvezda)


















И есть даже нечто вроде конверсии


MD 035367 Grids for BT-5 with M-17 engine

















Interestingly, Microdisign is not listed as a brand on Scalemates, none of its products are listed there. All the more reasons to support a domestic manufacturer by a domestic buyer.

We remember that in addition to the BT-5, Zvezda also has a BT-7. Let’s see what we have for this.


Chech Eduard

35 407 BT-7 (Zvezda)















Again, Ukrainian Mars Models, but with a wider range

35003 BT-7 Interior for Zvezda kit













35006 BT-7 Exterior for Zvezda, EE kit














And Russian Microdisign

 MD 035357 BT-7 (Zvezda)

















MD 035358 BT-7 fenders (Zvezda)

















Not much. However, against the background of the range for models from the Eastern Express, it’s still not bad, because there is generally only one set

35 421 BT-7 for Eastern Express















And if at first they still wrote the name of the manufacturer of the kit, then they generally designated it as “SOVIET”.

But they took into account the entire range of modifications from the Eastern Express.

I’m going to digress a little from the main storyline. And then then this stub will have nowhere to insert.

Despite the rather recent release of BT-2 models, or maybe because of this, I could not find etching kits for BT-2, except for one, and even one for a terrible combo kit from the Polish Mirage. There is not much from BT-2 in the kit itself, but there is nothing at all in the etching for it. So I will not take it into account in this kitography. Moreover, it is in the T-26.


To be continued…

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