Sports bicycles

The Bicycle was destined to become a sporting device.

The first official bicycle race took place in France on May 31, 1868 in the Paris suburb of Saint-Cloud. And that race took place here on such “modern bikes”:

Over time, the sports bicycle and athletes from cycling have changed rapidly

Having taken a modern and familiar look that has become classic for many decades

Pay attention to the crosshairs of the spare chambers on the chest.

It was such athletes of the 40s of the last century that the French MK35 captured in resin

F206 Cyclist “The forties”









F256 Cyclist “The Forties” NO.2









Modern sports bikes and cyclists no longer match the nostalgic images

Not everyone is interested in monotonously pedaling on a flat track. A bunch of people dream of riding a bicycle on slides and gullies

or even spit on the law of gravity, soar like a bird

For these, the BMX (Bicycle MotoXtreme) was invented. 3D model of which was released by the Spanish  FC Model Trend

35561 BMX bicicle


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