Stone wells

In non-eastern Europe, the construction is slightly different, and most importantly, wood is used much less and the main material is stone. There are fewer forests, but stones are everywhere in bulk (though it is hard to find a stone in the tundra), so the people used the material at hand.

The variety of designs, shapes and implementations is an order of magnitude greater than that of wooden wells.

But that, rural charm, that the old, that the new wells do not have much (this is my personal).

Enough, let’s move on to the models. I started the list of models of wooden wells with wooden models, then it would be logical to keep the tradition here too. True, I did not come across the models straight from the stone, but from plaster – quite a lot.

How not tricky to figure out this ornamental material has been popular for a long time and these companies are no longer there. In 1979, the then Belgian Verlinden Productions cast

WR 1 Round Well







British Tomker Models, clearly older, with products

T6 Ornamental Well










T8 Pump and Well











and slightly younger German Diotech

 M135 Well+base






I will not say for sure, but the feeling that the Italian Tergeste Model also followed these precepts

Art.11 Well with Pulley












Art.47 Ruined House in The Countryside and Base w/well









Although it is quite possible they used a combination of materials, like the British Verbiest Productions

 DA35-52 Farm Ruin






The majority, incl. commensurate with the age, they have done with the traditional resin.Starting with American Custom Dioramics,

 CD 6050 Square Water Well











Tank Workshop,

TWS 354011 (1019) Square Stone Block Well w/Bucket
















a whole series of wells from her fellow countrywoman Jaguar Models

 63530 Base with Well











63846 East European Well №1









63847 East European Well №2











Including, by that time already American, Verlinden Productions

1362 The Farmyard








And the Europeans, further down the list, used resin even more.

For example, a family of well-known Czech producers ranging from

black dog

 D35060 Well base








 HLU35107 Well






and ending with plusmodel

 016 Well with Well Winch















Similarly Polish Super Euromodeller

 SE 35001 Stony Well







although this is not completely certain.

Dutch DioDump

DD162 Water well






and Reality in Scale

 35007 Rural Well







35079 Square Well






Strange French MK35 Editions with a rich assortment

A018 Open well









A057 Open well









incl. very strange crypt wells

A023 Round well closed









A038 Closed square well









German Rainers Bunkerwelt

1677 Beautiful Old Village Well w/bucket







1759 Nice Well







And finally, the Italian family: the mother’s Ninive

 Art.11 Stone Well













and her daughter Wars by Ninive

art.37-35 Stone Well






And only one Italian company went across the mainstream and used the usual, in other cases, but extremely exotic, in this case, material – plastic! And this is Italeri

 411 Draw Well








the creation of which the American Testors was so impressed that they collected and released all the Italian small architecture in a single set

887 Diorama Accessory Set IV







As you can see, the assortment of models of stone wells (34 items) significantly exceeds the number of wooden analogues (8 sets). Well, okay.

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