T-26 20K Gun Barrel

There are no more hunters to bother with masks, but there are plenty of barrel manufacturers. Moreover, the main products of this assortment – forty-fives, are quite versatile: they were installed on all armored vehicles of that period. Some of them have already been included in the kitography of multi-turret tanks, some will be included in the kitography for BT tanks (which I will undoubtedly get to). Well, the part that does not indicate the target model and with a specific indication of the T-26 is below. I’ll start with domestic manufacturers, mainly natives of the Chelyabinsk region. The progenitor and pioneer of the “stem valley” was the now defunct company ModelPoint

MP3501 45 mm 20K barrel






MP3501-1 45 mm 20K barrel







Its successor, and it was indicated on the site for some time, became  Magic Models

MM3550 45 mm 20K barrel (1932/34 prod)










MM3551 45 mm 20K barrel (1932 prod)











With her kits, she is ahead of the rest!

MM3554 T-26 (early) set.







MM3555 BA-10, T-26 (late) set.







Another successor to ModelPoint is Zedval

35002 45mm Gun Barrel 20K





N35007 Set of parts for the T-26 mod 1939






N35015 Set of parts for the T-26 mod 1933






It turns out that the weapon kits are not only a feature of Magic Models. Recently, our company ModelGun has been particularly active in this field.

MG-3576 45-mm cannon 20K (conical monoblock, mod. 1932)







MG-3577 45-mm cannon 20K (conical monoblock, model 1932)







MG-3620 45mm tank gun 20K of late (monoblock w/narrowing, smooth cone)







which, exclusively according to my feelings, is also related to the harsh Chelyabinsk men.

And finally: repackaging the Yekaterinburg (in extreme cases, I know it there) store “Мир моделей“.

C35003 45mm tank gun barrel for BT-5, BT-7, T-26, T-35, T-50, BA-10, BA-6






However, the production of model barrels of the 20K gun is carried out not only on Russian soil.

Not far behind are the Poles from RB Modell with their duo

35B73 45mm 20-K m. 1942 BT-5, BT-7, BA-3, BA-6, BA-10, T26







35B75 Soviet 45mm 20-K, m.1932 BT-5, BT-7, BA-3, BA-10, T-26






Or Latvians NorthStar

NS-B-35002 Russian 45 mm 20K early (1932) barrels for Bt-5, T-26, BA-6









NS-B-35003 Russian 45 mm 20K late (1934) barrels for Bt-5, Bt-7, T-26, BA-3,6,10









There are many companies with only one product in the studied range.

Polish  Jadar-Model

Armo 45mm gun barrel to T-26, BT-5, BT-7, T-35 and T‑28 (all kits)




I will continue with the Czechs from Elefant

 35.413G 45mm 20K T-26 model 1933













Spanish Jordi Rubio

TG-04 45mm M32/38 Soviet Tank-Gun













And I’ll end up with the Japanese from FineMolds

MG-38 Soviet army 45mm 20K Model 1932 Gun Barrel














In an effort to close the 45mm barrel topic, I almost missed the important aspect of ammunition. And here there is little to say. Actually, the founder of this line was a set from the German  New Connection Models

NC 35203 T 26 Ammo set













Since I didn’t want to leave him alone, I had to search a little and find the following sets: from Russian  MSD Micro Scale Design

MSD 35032 45mm Shells with Ammo Boxes







Canadian Hussar Productions

35005 45mm Russian Ammunition















and Ukrainian MiniArt







It is clear that the last ones in this quartet are most likely not for a tank gun, but for the kit I indicated them as well. And you yourself think – you need it or not.


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