T-26 Chassis

All other elements of the tank suspension are also involved in creating the roar from the previous topic.

I propose to start with the domestic Komplekt ZiP for many years systematically and consistently improving the appearance of the assembled models with its own aftermarket. In particular, with suspension kits, starting from early modifications


35069 The chassis of the 1933 model 35069 Early undercarriage

through “intermediate”

35016 Rollers, external parts 35016 The chassis of the 1935 model

to the latest

35068 The chassis of the 1939 model 35068 Late undercarriage


And you also noticed that under the same commodity index there are sets of different names, but identical content?

If the above products were comprehensive in quality and quantity, then all of the following would not have appeared. And these are the products of the Volgograd club of modelers “Stalingrad Front

Guide wheels for T-26 tanks of late production







Support rollers on T-26








Early idler and support rollers w/bracket for T-26







Late idler and support rollers w/bracket for T-26







The fate of this manufacturer is a little unclear. Its representatives have not responded to panzer35 for more than 4 years, on the community page in Odnoklassniki one announcement per year, etc. I have a strong conviction that the patient is more dead than alive.

Quite the opposite is the case with another venerable Russian manufacturer  Zebrano  

ZA35276 Set of support rollers of the T-26 (late)





And new domestic enthusiasts appear, striving, if not to make the whole world better, then the assembled models – for sure. This is Studio Perfect Model with a product to replace the “Stalingrad Front”

35009 T-26 Idler Wheels & Support Wheels (Early Version)







And a very young company L-Model with a very unusual set

3506 Armor for Crankcases T-26





The young, but already defunct, Spanish company MacOne Models, by creating a pair of etching microboards and several resin parts, some of which are adapted to specific types, were able to significantly diversify the range of the aftermarket under consideration. Complete sets are as follows:

MAC35003 T26 Mod 1937 for Zvezda Kit MAC35004 T26 Mod 1937 for HOBBY BOSS Kit

Сокращенные наборы

MAC35005 T-26 Detail Set (for Zvezda) MAC35006 T-26 Detail Set (for Hobby Boss)


Separate anti-aircraft machine gun

MAC35007 DT Machine Gun Set (KV-1/T-35/T-26)








And there is also a separate photo-etching, but more on that next time.

From time to time, other firms also paid attention to the assortment under consideration.

German  TOM Modellbau

05035 Wheels T-26













their fellow countrymen from MR Modellbau

MR-35408 T-26 Laufrollen späte Ausführung
















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