T-26 Completion

Starting to form kitography, I already have an exhaustive set of materials in my hands, and they are to some extent disassembled and ordered. But in the course of work, something new sometimes arises, although it is more often, on the contrary, old, and requires its reflection.

It’s especially nice when it’s not just an aftermarket, but a complete whale. For example, Arsenal has added a set of two-tower resin kits to its line of

Russian L. Tank T-26 type 37






Once upon a time, the French REPLICA undertook to repackage the products of the Polish Mirage Hobby with their additional details






At the same time, the set was characterized as follows: MixKit.

And the fatherland was generous with the finds. Conversion tower from Uralsky Sokol – good replenishment

Conical turret of the T-26 tank (OT-133)








Moskit Tech in addition to two sets with early and late silencers, found a universal

35-08 Soviet T-26 all versions










Judging by the lack of it on the site, they first made it, and then, having heard that there are subtleties, split the product index.

And finally, not even archeology at all, but new items – while I was collecting and laying out everything, the Russian Studio Perfect Model was honored and released a conversion kit for a rare T-26T

SPM 35029 T-26-T Conversion for HobbуBoss








MiniArm without pathos and noise just recently released a set

35210 T-26 Tool Set







I already mentioned that the Ukrainian AMGhas released a model of a German armored car with a turret from the T-26. So they are not the only ones. In 2012, the Spanish Jordi Rubio announced (and seemingly released) a resin set

JDR-8901 Chevrolet M1937 armoured car with T26 turret (Spanish Civil War)

I ‘m showing it here, but I will not add it to the catalog.

And the rest I have two conversion kits from MB Models,


by which I can determine their attitude to the subject of the review, but there is nothing more.

Plus, on eBay, a seller under the nickname i_sinisilmainen sells a lot of tasty resin, but since he also has a bunch of products listed here under the noname, it’s not possible for me to add them to the review without brands.


The next, tenth anniversary kitography is over. Exactly 200 items from 70 companies in one and a half thousand pictures on 39 pages. And almost a year of unhurried work in a very difficult time. If many were “lucky” to sit in quarantines and other isolations, then I, a person very far from medicine, was guaranteed stable processing at the main place of salary. Annual leave is one and a half days. Not complaining – just explaining why it took so long. If anyone is interested in going through the process, then here is a selection of topics on my website  from August 2020.

I have no doubt that I still have a lot of finds, and you – new products, which will be reflected both in the catalog on the site (operatively) and in subsequent editions of this kitography.

Traditionally, I share my findings in the full whale area with the Scalemates. This is how the chronological ruler looked like before I started working.


And like this after

Putting a trifle there is just laziness.


Among other things, I have a certain study of the design features of this tank, deployed on the Panzer35 with the tricky name “Genesis of structural elements of serial T-26 tanks“. It is quite possible that someday I will compile it into a separate edition or add it here. For example, it was on its basis that I began to form a certain chronological alignment of the design features of this tank.



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