T-26 Conversions

If you really want to, but you don’t have what you are looking for, look for conversions.

It just so happened historically that a significant donor for the conversion to the T-26 was the model of the Polish light tank 7TP from the Polish company Spojnia.


and another of his own models from the Polish Mastercraft

Most likely stupid because these sets were released 10 years earlier than any other plastic T-26 set.

The American Commanders Models operated in this field for some time.

2-009 Soviet T26-A









I have a large, but not documented, suspicion that initially it was the Commanders Models company, which later split into the now defunct Commander Series Models and the Commander Models business that continues. Further it is about Commander Series Models and let’s talk

2-02 Soviet T26 model33









2-041 Soviet T26 Model 1937









2-044 Finnish T26E









Her companion in this field was the compatriot company MB models. It is interesting to trace the evolution of the design of the box art of this company using the example of one model.

T-26S Model 1939 Light Tank









1012 Russian T-26 Model 1939

Moreover, the last two traits already have display stability. The only pity is that I do not know the time limits of their application.

1013 T-26 Model 1933 1013 Soviet T-26/1933

Over time, the number of converters has expanded.

German MR Modellbau could not get past the chemical tank

MR-35392 KhT-26 flame tank









and the young Russian Studio Perfect Model

 35003 KhT-26 Early Version









not tricky to guess about the presence of model conversions for real conversions, for example, self-propelled guns AT-1

2-058 Soviet AT-1









or А-39

2-065 Soviet A-39 Prototype









otherwise called Putilovets from the Russian HOBBY Planet

35110 Soviet SPG “Putilovec”









PS. (12.12.2020) Work well on your website, you completely control the process. Although it is not for free, in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Almost immediately after the publication of this material, a Russian manufacturer was discovered, which flashed across the model sky in 2011. Apparently, this is a modeler who has decided to go beyond his personal hobby. It was enough for a couple of years, although the beginning was interesting and promising.

So the conversion set from the Orugeinik

Conversion AT-1












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