T-26 Decals

The T-26, like all tanks of the pre-war and war periods, cannot boast of an abundance of markings, but there is not much.

For a domestic tank, it would be logical to open the review with a set of decals from a domestic manufacturer, namely Colibri Decals

35004  Т-26 Part I







35005  Т-26 Part II







Strictly speaking, this is where the whole fatherland ended. Both by manufacturer and by geographic region.

Everything else is outside of this. For example, the Swedish BISON Decals produced decals for the Finnish war, and it was for captured tanks in Finnish livery.

35208 Finnish Tank Mix #6












Exactly on the same topic and in almost the same set, their successor StarDecals releases them

35-895 Finnish tanks in WW2 part 3.












They also had a release on a Chinese theme.

BD-35097 Chinese Armour in the 1930-40s.












However, here they are not alone in helping them with the Chinese company Bestfong

 35004 Chinese Tank in WWII












So, her main direction is aviation decals, to the point that the website completely lacks information about products in 1/35 scale.

Well, everything else is the Spanish Civil War, both on the part of the Republicans and the nationalists.

BD- 35018 Negrillo







35134 Republican T-26 & BT-5












35179 Nationalist T-26 and Pz I A Modificado












35-910 Spanish Civil War #1












35-C1173 Spanish Civil War # 5.












One of the sets was considered by the Spanish AK Interactive to be re-released under its brand

AK801 Nationalist T-26 in the Spanish Civil War













Another, of course Spanish, company, namely FC Model Trend, added to this direction

35229 T-26 in Spain decals, national side









35246 T-26 in Spain decals , republican side









and opened a previously unexplored (at least for me) area – T-26 after the end of the civil war

35247 T-26 in Spain decals, post 1938









Just for information, a very ancient creation of a very ancient, but again Spanish, company Hispacalcas. Even if you do find it, you will hardly be able to take advantage of it because of the burden of years.

Spanish Civil War (1936-39)







And finally, a product from the Belarusian, also defunct, HobbyPlus company. This is not a decal, but a mask and it covers the entire geographic range listed above, except for China.

SU35081 T-26








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