T-26 Other weapons

This tank was equipped not only with 45 mm guns. Let’s go by chronology and caliber.

Russian Zedval releases kits for an early two-turret modification with machine-gun armament

N35019 Set of parts for the T-26 mod 1931






I will skip the rest of the machine gun kits, because I will have to drag the entire line of Degtyarevs’ tank here. I’ll do it someday, but in the “Machine Guns” edition.

And then we have a unique set from ModelPoint

MP3571 37mm PS-1 barrel






The same two manufacturers did not pass by the flamethrower version.

35127 Barrel Flamethrower OT-26








N35033 Set of parts for the OT-26








MP3572 Flamethrower Barrel OT-26






I did not find trunks directly for the self-propelled gun, but for the cannon version there are a lot of them. Honestly, I copied this line of barrels from my kitography for multi-turret tanks from the T-28 and T-35 assortment. And there were:

from Spanish Jordi Rubio

 TG-51 76,2 mm. KT-28 Soviet tank-Gun













Russian Magic Models

MM3552 76 mm barrel 1927/32 (KT). T-35, T-28 (early), BT-7A, T-26A











where Magic Models, there is her forerunner ModelPoint

 MP3503 76 mm KT-28 barrel









and there is also another well-known Russian manufacturer –  Zedval

 35008 76 mm gun barrel KT-28






with traditional kits

N35009 Set of parts for the T-26A








And finally repackaging from the Russian Мир Моделей

C35002 76mm tank gun barrel for T-28, T-35, BT-7A, T-26A

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