T-26 Photo-etched

Personally, I really love using photo-etching. It greatly increases the realism of the model and further increases the complexity and duration of the model building process. And in modeling, the process is everything for me!

I will start the etching review for the T-26 tank model with the famous masters of this business in alphabetical order.

A quarter of a century ago, Polish Aber released its first-born for 1/35 scale: an etching kit for the Polish 7TP tank model from the Polish manufacturer Mirage Hobby. For five years I thought about it and released a lightweight, but also more universal version of it. I didn’t even change the product index

35 001x Fenders for 7TP, Vickers, T-26



















And on her website, which is otherwise quite detailed and exhaustive, she did not display this set.

On Karopka there is not so much a review as a description of the original set, in which the following words can be attracted: “It is interesting that” Aber “gave a correctly rounded back of the shelves, while the” Star “model and, accordingly, the Czech” Edward ” The bend is not correct. Also, for the T-26 will go trench mounts, padlocks for spare parts boxes, etched bolts, and the most interesting thing – etched ties and ladders of springs, their attachment platforms and stiffeners.

The Czech Eduard did not hide their products on this topic, but this does not make it any easier: I could not find a clear image of the boards themselves, which is not surprising, since they are still of the last century and have been removed from production a long time ago.

35208 T-26













In the already mentioned review, brief characteristics of this set are also given: “The only thing that” Eduard “has and does not have” Aber “is a two-handed saw mount. Also,” Eduard “has more similar to the real corner of the fencing shelf, which was the penultimate (a kind of oval). Also, the nets in the “Aberian” baiting do not fit the size of the T-26, so here “Edward” is to help (although his mesh cells are too small).

And in a short summary, the author sums up: “In principle, the combination of these two sets will make it possible to assemble a fairly well-developed model of any modification of the T-26.

The Czechs also have a set of photo-etched parts for the fancy mestizo T-26 and BT-2

35246 T-26/BT2














Not a very popular model took with her to the “grave” and a set of etching for her.

The next well-known etching manufacturer in China will be the Chinese E.T. Model, which has a kit for an early two-turret version of the tank

E35-167 Soviet T-26 Light Tank Mod.1931


















and its early single-turret version

E35-183 Soviet T-26 Light Tank Mod.1935


















Almost the same assortment of another well-known Chinese manufacturer Voyadger Model

PE35539  Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank Mod.1931 Basic
















PE35575 Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank Mod.1935

















But there is also a separate self-propelled kit.

PE35667 WWII Russian AT-1 Self-Propeller Gun


















The online store m-models.ru under the brand “Мир моделей” is repackaging this product in the vastness of our homeland.

Т35054 Basic set for Т-26














And of course, the Russian Microdesign could not pass by this epoch-making tank.

MD 035323 T-26 Full Set (Zvezda, HobbyBoss)









MD 035324 T-26 Fenders (Zvezda, HobbyBoss)










Well, I’ll finish this review with a separate board from the already mentioned MacOne Models

MAC35008 T-26 Etching Set









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