T-26 Truck

In my opinion, it is the tracks that make a tank a tank. If they were not, then there would be no charm of tracked vehicles.

The first to do this were the Poles from RPM at the dawn of their independence:


 Ogniwa gąsienic czołgów 7TP, T-26, VICKERS







A bit later duplicated with color box art

35901 Ogniwa gąsienic czołgów 7TP, T-26, VICKERS






There is a strong suspicion that this particular set was repackaged by the Germans from TOM Modellbau

13 Track for Vickers 6ton, 7TP, T-26












I will refer to the opinion of comrade lieutenant lucky73, expressed by him in a comparative review on panzer35: “The quality of the castings is decent, but this is decent, and there is just no fit and copy quantity. Moreover, plastic has a unique ability NOT to stick with model glue. I strongly DO NOT recommend buying! for beautiful packaging and a low price, no one will return you the nerves and the time spent.


A little later, on the other side of the world, the Japanese from Modelkasten were honored with a similar product

FK-1 T26/7TP Vickers6t










Then they thought a little and made a completely cardboard box.

SK-38 T26 Light Tank







A little later, someone noticed that the name of the T26 did not quite correctly fit this tank and had to redo the box art again.

SK-38 T-26 Light Tank








Not only geography, but also approaches were diametrically opposed. Once again, I will refer to the above comparative review: “Assembly will require some care when working with glue in order to keep the tape working. But after spending time, you will receive only copy tracks for your machine.”

It should be noted that the species composition and development of sets of tracks for the T-26 model is somewhat different from the usual one: they are inlaid from plastic, but there are no (I could not find) resin tracks. But with the metal everything is fine. And it begins with the familiar Hungarian  Friulmodel

ATL-045 T-26










And again the opinion of lucky73: “The tracks themselves, taking into account the material, are excellently cast, though there are copies with underfilling, which should not be particularly disturbing – the stock in the box is large.

For those who are too lazy to follow the links, I will give a couple of pictures from the repeatedly mentioned comparative review of comrade lucky73, for which many thanks to him.

Further, almost traditionally: Ukrainian Sector35 with its assembled and unassembled variants

SL3529 T-26






ST3529 T-26








Undoubtedly Russian MasterClub

 MTL35033 T-26











And Chinese twin clones

from R Model

35065 Russian T-26 Light Tank













and from Spade Ace Models

 SAT-35065 T-26









They also sell them under the same indexes.

But then everything went not on the knurled!

Well, firstly, the Poles from Mirage Hobby showed the world their first-born (judging by the index) from the range of metal tracks

235001 Separate Track Link Set VICKERS 6-ton /T-26/7TP / C7P











Since there is extremely scant information: there is no on the corporate website, there are a couple of mentions on the network in general, it is not possible to determine whether it is your own or repackaging.

Let’s wait. For the Spanish AK Interactive , this is definitely a repackaging and it is not the first, but not frequent either.

AK680 T-26 Early VICKERS/ T-25 / 7TP












I wonder what the T-25 is?

There are a lot of options! Starting from the project of the T-25 wheeled-tracked tankette by S. Ginzburg, V. Simsky, 1930-31.


or from the same designer of the forerunner of the T-27 tankette – the T-25 tankette


the same Czech paper tank Skoda T25


or not even paper at all, but still experienced, American T25


But most likely the potential successor of the T-26 was meant – the wheeled-tracked STZ – 24 (T-25).


But, well, the tracks of a classic tank cannot match the wheeled one! And I don’t know such models.

What are your thoughts on this matter?



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