T-26 Turrets

If you approach the issue in a completely simplified and incorrect way, then a simple replacement of the tower is already the essence of a conversion, because – once: and another modification. This is exactly what the Czech SIGN thought when releasing this set.

T-26, BT-7 Conversion Kit









Approximately the same approach taken by the Spanish AGV Models

35022 Detailed Russian T-26 BA-3 BA-6 BT-5 and early type BT-7









The second product from the same line is even cooler

35028  Early Turret T-26 welded Early turret with welded mantlet and DT rear hatch









As you can see in this graphic announcement, you do not see what this turret refers to. Type and so everyone knows. and only on the page of their website they give the real name of the product.

In 2011, the Russian Komplekt ZiP gave birth to a trio of conical turrets for the model from the Zvezda

 35036 T-26 Conical turret with a welded mask









35038 T-26 Conical turret stamped armored mask









35039 T-26 Conical turret stamped armored mask with anti-aircraft machine gun









Since people are busy with something, they have provided for the corresponding turret box.

35040 T-26 Turret box with sloping sides









The Loki modeller with panzer35, tired of struggling with the shortcomings of HobbyBoss kits, decided to launch his own product line into production, including

3503 Mariupol turret for T-26









There is one fundamental difference in this model segment: if for others plastic kits were the main, large, but boring material, and resin added liveliness and individuality, then here it is the opposite. The multi-conversion kit from the Polish RPM alone is worth a lot!

35029 BT-2,T-26A,T-26T,OT-26,T-26/Bt 2 Conversion Set









Buy it alone and you have a whole line of T-26 ready (although you need to buy conversion kits separately). Another specific feature is the use of the turrets of this tank in all kinds of diorama constructions. This is also Stalin’s line from the already mentioned Polish RPM.

35009 Linia Stalina









and, quite possibly, in a similar plot from the German TVA

07 Soviet Bunker Line









I admit variability in relation to the turret of BT tanks. I am not such a deep expert in the materiel to determine exactly this issue. And a very unique case: the use of elements for completely different products. Ukrainian  AMG has released a model of a German armored car with a turret from the T-26

  выпустила модель немецкого броневика с башней от Т-26





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