T-55: finish


MTL-35074 Tracks for T44M, Т-54-1, AT-T (1:1)

MTL-35075 Tracks for T44M, Т-54-1, AT-T (1:4)

Panda Hobby

TK-08  Plastic Workable Track Link For T-54/55/62/72 RMsh Late

R Model

35007A Metal Track For T54 T55 T62 Tiran 5 (Include Track Pins)


35007B Metal Track and Metal Pin For T-55/62 Type59/69 IT-67

A005 Power wheel For Russian T-54/55 T-62 TYPE59 69


TBS-0006 PLA Type 59D Tank Conversion Set for Tamiya T-55A kit #35257

TBS-0013 Soviet T-54A Conversion Set for Tamiya T-55A kit #35257

Accurate Armour Ltd

C084K Iraqi ENIGMA T55 Kombi-Kit

Miniature Armour Conversions

5TA03 T54/55/62 Detail Set



PS35C155HT BTS-3 Crane, recovery, combat engineer tank

DiVision Miniature

DT35M-001 Metal barrel Set D-10T 100mm (for T-55)


A.E.F. Designs

KT-84 Chinese T-69 Conversion


BTU-55 Bulldozer tank universal. Conversion kit for t-54 models (“Lee”, “ESKY”), T-62 (“Tamiya”)


Professional Model

BTU-55 Dozer Blade


D35005 System 902A / B “Tucha” (charged)

D35006 System 902A / B “Tucha” (empty)

D35009 Antenna input for radio stations R-123

Different Scales 

435001 Tiran D-30 Self-propelled Hotwizer Field Conversion


37003 T-54-1 mod 1946. Interior Kit

37014 T-54-1 mod. 1947


37004 T-54-2 mod 1949. Interior Kit

37012 T-54-2 Soviet Medium Tank. mod. 1949


37007 T-54-3 mod. 1951. Interior Kit

37015 T-54-3 mod 1951


37009 T-54A. Interior Kit

37017 T-54A Soviet Medium Tank


37011 T-54B Early Production. Interior Kit

37019 T-54B Early Production


37018 T-55 mod.1963 Interior Kit

37027 T-55 Soviet Medium Tank


37016 T-55A Early mod.1965 Interior Kit

37057 T-55A Early mod.1965


37022 T-55A Late mod.1965 Interior Kit

37023 T-55A Late mod.1965


37020 T-55A mod.1981 Interior Kit

37024 T-55A mod.1981


37029 Tiran 4 Late Type. Interior Kit

37041 Tiran 4 Late Type


37035 SU-122-54 Early Type

37042 SU-122-54 Late Type


37034 BMR-1 Early mod. with KMT-5M

37039 BMR-1 Late mod. with KMT-7

37010 Tiran 4 Early Type. Interior Kit

37021 Tiran 4Sh Early Type. Interior Kit

37013 Tiran 4 Sharir Late Type. Interior Kit

37026 Type 59 Early Prod. Chinese Medium Tank

37038 TOP Armoured Recovery Vehicle



37006 V-54 Engine



37025 V-55 Engine



37036 KMT-5M Mine-Roller


37070 KMT-7 Early Type Mine-Roller


37046 T-54 OMSh Individual Track Links Set. Early Type


37048 T-54, T-55, T-62 OMSh Individual Track Links Set. Late Type


37050 T-55 RMSh Workable Track Links. Early Type


37052 T-55/T-62/T-72 RMSh Workable Track Links. Late Type


И пока еще три варианта ходовой

37054 T-54 Wheels Set. Early Type


37056 T-54, T-55 (Early) Wheels Set



37058 T-55/T-55A Wheels Set.