T-55 on letter A

A.E.F. Designs

KC-18 T-55A Complete Kit

KI-701A IDF Tiran-5 Conversion with BTU Dozer Blade IDF Version

KI-713 “Achzarit Lebanon” details



35 L-170 Russian D-10T 100mm tank Barrel for T-55AM; T-55 AMV or T-55 Merida

  • 35 L-170 D-10T 100mm Barrel Image

35 L-218 Russian D-10T 100mm tank barrel for T-54/T-55 for TAKOM model

  • 35 L-218 D-10T 100mm Image

35 L-249 Russian D-10T 100mm tank barrel for T-54B/T-55

  • 35 L-249 D-10T 100mm Image

35 L-255 Israeli 105 mm M-68 tank barrel for TIRAN 4 Sh

  • 35 L-255 105mm M-68 barrel Image

R-43 Set of aerials R-113 for Russian Tanks like: T-54; T-55 and other AVF

  • R-43 Set of aerials R-113 Image

35 L-118 Barrel for Russian 12,7mm heavy machine gun DShK, after WWII version (T-54/55; BTR-60APC)

  • 35 L-118 Barrel DShK, after WWII Image





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