Update “Small Soviet Tracked Armored Vihicles”

A little more than a year has passed since the release date of the kitography of small Soviet armored vehicles. Over time, both novelties and archaeological finds appear. Among the latter – a previously unknown product of the German  Karo-As Modellbau

KA/EP-35.17 STZ Komsomoletz






Another similar find, i.e. only box art without details, from the French REPLICA

T 60 Modele 1941 Char Leger Sovietique






and more from the Land of the Rising Sun from Fairy Kikaku

17 T-70







A little more information on the set

24 SU-76M







but that doesn’t make it any easier.

And if everything is clear with the material of the old sets – it is resin, then anything can be with the new ones.

Master of Modeling – China’s HobbyBoss  sticks to traditional plastic

84555 Soviet T-60 Light Tank






And for example, in the case of a product from the young Russian company WeBuildTanks

3052 T-50 LKZ







it is 3D printing.

Lithuanian (?) Publishing house of paper models W.M.C. Models got bored with just paper and repackaged the plastic kit

 WMC PK 001 T-38






This is for complete sets. But there is still a number of aftemarkets, the list of which will start with a tower from the Russian ARezin

35029 T-70 Turret








Although the name “row” is ideal for the list of new products from the Spanish FC Model Trend, which has mastered the 3D printing of gratings

35802 Komsomolets, engine cover grilles












35769 T37/T38 engine cover grille












35803 T-40 engine cover grille












35729 SU-76 grilles












35655 T-50 mesh grilles









35819 Soviet WWII light tanks tool clamps












Another serialization can be traced from last year in the products of the RussianStudio Perfect Model, which turned its attention to the jacks of Soviet armored vehicles

35017 Jacks for Light Tanks (4 tons)








35018 Jacks for Light Tanks (3 tons)








35023 Jacks for Light Tanks (3 tons)







35026 Jacks 4t for light tanks








Swedish Bison Decals reissued decals for Hungarian armored vehicles, incl. for captured T-38

BD-35113 Hungary in WW2 # I













And literally at the last minute I discovered an etching kit from the Czech Eduard

36464 T-60













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