Verkhnyaya Pyshma. May 9, 2021.

It goes without saying that on such days I cannot continue the topic of previous reviews. Later.

And now I’ll tell you a little about a gift to myself for Victory Day.

Some of you know about the Museum of Military Equipment in the village of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, near Yekaterinburg. The museum is private, at the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, for which many thanks to them.

I have been in it several times, I will be many more times, because not only is there a huge number of exhibits, but it is constantly expanding. Two more exhibitions will be launched this year in new buildings

This despite the fact that I have not yet visited pavilion number 1 at the Museum of Automobiles

And I have a feeling (but there is no photo) that there is exactly the same Pavilion No. 2 to the right.


But, quite possibly, not everyone who knows about the museum knows about the parade. Yes, purely legally, this is not a parade, but in fact – it is he, and even one of the best. And certainly the most unique. Here on it and I was able to visit.


I will not try to describe to you the whole event – there are a lot of materials on the network, it will interest you – look / read. I will talk about the uniqueness of the event.

The first uniqueness is the participation of technology from the period of the Great Patriotic War. And if the T-34/85 can be seen in many places


Then already the T-34/76 may not be found

As well as the line of heavy tanks: KV and JS

Self-propelled guns are a separate song,

cars are also not common

Everything is unique, fascinating, but it pales before

The lend-lease technique was not forgotten either.

We are mindful of the role of allies. It wasn’t bad for them to remember too.


The second uniqueness is incredible closeness. You are separated from the technique by one and a half to two meters (covid distance).

This is not to mention the fact that before the start, everyone had the opportunity to view and touch all the participants in the parade.

The third uniqueness is the “live” technique. When the past you with a bang and clang in the exhaust smoke passes heavy military equipment, the impressions are slightly different from those experiencing walking past a museum exhibit.