Version 2: update the tankers catalog

Domestic Arkona Miniatures last year debuted a resin figure of Mikhail Koshkin, offering a choice of two types of packaging: wooden (gift) and cardboard

AMB35001 (AMB35001-1) Mikhail Koshkin













Another domestic debutant Avart Arhive celebrated last year with a plastic set

AVA35102 Soviet tank Crew 1936 – 1960. Tank Filling









German Modern Armies in Miniatures (MAiM) released as many as two crews on the T-72

MAIM35404 T-72 Soviet Tank Crew #1 (leaning Commander)

MAIM35408 T-72 Soviet Tank Crew #1 (pointing Commander)

Differ they truth only one figure-commander: one times he relies, and the other points. The same figures are separately repeated on a scale of 1/16.

Distinguished domestic Bravo6, shifting to a new way a long-known story

B6-35134 Tankers/Hanters At Rest

South Korean Valkyrie Miniatures decided to stir up the past, referring to the period of the Korean war

VM35026 Red Army Tank Crew – 1950 ~ 60 Era

Ukrainian MiniArt supported and developed this historical theme

37053 Soviet Tank Crew 1960s

37063 Soviet Tank Crew 1970-80s. Winter Uniform

And not only

35254 Soviet Tank Crew (for Flame Tanks & Heavy Tanks of Breakthrough

Also continuing to create Special Edition kits, complementing previously released kits with a weapon kit

35244 Soviet Tank Crew (Winter Uniforms) Special Edition

35246 Soviet Tank Crew at Rest. Special Edition

and previously released prefabricated models by their own crews

35178 SU-85 Soviet SPG Mod.1943 w/Crew (Early Production)

35194 T-70M Soviet Light Tank w/Crew. Special Edition

35243 T-80 Soviet Light Tank w/Crew. Special Edition

French Djiti’s production expanded its range

35084 Modern Russian Tanker

Found Canadian Alpha Image Inc with the product

W35013 Lieutenant, Russian tank troop 1942

Nothing more to say about this company: the site does not open, there is no data on the period of life.

Not without archeology. Where without her!

A very ancient American company Squadron / Combat Line in the mid-70s was honored to release figures in metal

CL-33 Russian Tank Officer 1941-42

As David Nickels wrote last year on the site track-link: “Unfortunately, most of the figures were pretty poor even by mid 1970s standards“.

Her, as it turned out, British age-mate Armor Models once worked in resin

AM03 Red Army Tank Crew

South Korean SOLMODEL flew straight for the whole crew

MM292 WWII Russian Tank Commander

MM293 WWII Russian Tank Loader

MM294 WWII Russian Female Tank Driver

MM295 WWII Russian Tank Crew

The romantic theme was picked up by Stalingrad

S-3578 Love in Wartime, 1943-45

and if we were talking about women, then:

From domestic Armor35:

ARM35901 Tank girl

ARM35904 Tank girl modern

ARM35908 Tank girl

ARM35910 Tank girl

ARM35916 Tank girl with a guitar

From japanese Aurora Model

ML-009 WWII Russian Tank Crew

ML-011 WWII Russian Tank Crew ver.2

From japanese Julius model

JRF-001 Russian panzer beauty

Pravda HighSchool from Modelkasten (да-да, не только траки)  Girl and Panzer






Chinese comrades from Yufan model

LAS-11 Russian beauty Russian beauty armoredsoldier

Translation, as you know, is machine translation. The original sounds like this: “俄罗斯美女装甲兵 树脂兵人”.
ZLPLA with his series of figures ” Girls InAction Series”


AT-014 Giraffe Tank Crews Set (Animal Troopers Series)

Only in kitography I will not put them.

Well, back to reality with Japanese Yosci

HY35-R01 Russian female tank crew Natalia

HY35-R02 Russian female tank crew in combat uniform 1943-45 Natalia

Almost 3 years have passed since the publication of the first version of this kitography. As promised, I continue to keep track of new items in subjects of already issued publications.
The second version added well in thickness, in fact, this was the reason for the release: from 45 to 64 pages, i.e. one and a half times. There were 287 products from fifty companies, and 401 from 98 manufacturers.

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