Not every gas torch needs a drilling machine, but there is something that should come with it. Rather, someone. Yes, without a welder, welding and not welding. (I confess, I like to juggle with words. Be patient. You can just watch the pictures.)

And I’ll start, or rather continue, with the freshest set from the same MiniArt

38039 Welders









And there are already two of them! Well, the cart is good. True, it is the same as in the previous sets. And since it goes by a separate sprue, then we can meet it more than once.

as well as the cart from the previous and some other sets

No claim to the firm, but simply as information.

The duo of welders meets at another manufacturer, namely the American and the old Custom Dioramics

CD-4005 Two Welders (with equipment)











Everyone else decided not to create a crowd, although the Italian Royal Model left this opportunity

684 Weld Man No.2









685 Weld Man No.3












but their countrymen from Victoria Model did not follow them

40100 Man with Oxyacetylene Cart









The British from Scale Model Accessories gave their creation the most militaristic look

SCMA 033 German Welding set








And the sculptor from Ukrainian ASR sculpture is the other way around: philosophical serenity

ASR 35002S Welder














Feminism and emancipation have reached this seemingly purely male profession. And a woman in a welding mask is not that uncommon, but if you are told that welders look like this

don’t believe them. Most likely they will be like this

well, at best, like this


which, you see, is VERY not bad!

Well, if you are still tormented by erotic belief in beauty, then pay attention to the products of  Industria Mechanika

IMECH004A Sasha The Welding Girl


Or Russian Armor35

ARM3509BG Gasl welder girl

such is the Venus of Milo (up to the location of the missing hands!)










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