Welding. Workshop. Resin.

More traditional on this topic are not plastic, but resin kits. In general, they are less epochal and extensive, but among them there are also significant sets, both in volume and in diversity.

Product from Czech  MMK

RZ35037 Workshop









will fill a small production hall. And a number of sets from the American Verlinden Production will breathe life into it and fill it with content

2487 Workshop Tools & Equipment w/Etched tools









2781 US WWII Field Workshop









2778 Panzerwerk Repair Shop










The latter has a unique addition – decals from the German Peddinghaus-Decals

UVP 2778 Decalset for Panzerwerk Repair Shop











Of course, each of these kits has gas welding equipment, as well as a kit from the French ADV Azimut

35320 Workshop and tools kit









For some reason, drilling machines are the most popular addition to welding equipment. Well, or vice versa. This combination is found in the Czech Hauler

HLU35117 Bench drill-lever shears-oxy acetylene bottles









and her compatriot PlusModel

094 Workshop equipment










A little, or rather a much more modest repair kit, is offered by the German MAiM

MAIM35122 Workshop – Garage Tools and Acc.












Moreover, judging by the absence on the site, this particular set has been discontinued and in exchange we are offered the same, but complete with a garage

MAIM35120 Workshop Diorama









If you don’t need a garage, then you are in the next section, in which there is nothing superfluous, but only welding equipment. Like the domestic Evolution Miniatures

EMA-35008 Oxy-Acetylene Welding












Italian Royal Model












and Americans The New TMD

35-1302 U.S.Welding Torch with Tanks and Hoses









and Verlinden Production

 ACDA 35040 Cutting & Welding Unit










I will end the section with a non-typical plastic set from Ukrainian MiniArt

35618 Higt Pressure Cylinders w/Welding Equipment









Well, don’t create a separate section from one set!

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