We are still not finished with all the diversity of the world of welding: there is the last, but the main thing, for which all this welding was started – welding seams!

The relative position of parts, the movement of the electrode and the relative position of the parts and the burner – everything matters, works for the result and appearance.



ВIn modeling, at least on the scale I am constantly talking about, there are fewer ways to simulate welding. I know three: hot drawn plastic, two-pack putty, and stenciled putty. I had to try everything myself, but settled on the second method. Most likely the result is not a fountain, but I like it and this is the main thing. To reach for a true ace, apologist and fan of the DmitryShavrin model welding will still not work, because he also does not stand still. improving his virtuoso talent.

You can see for yourself: work on the next model of the tank on Panzer35, this time T-55AD

For those who are simply lazy (or afraid – as I did in my time), products of the following range are intended – etched welded seams, which almost any company specializing in etching has. There is nothing special to describe, so I’m stupid listing.

Doublet from Polish  Aber

R-05 Weld lines









R-06 Narrow weld lines









The only product from the Chinese E.T. Model

EA35-007 AFV Weld Marks









Longtime product from British Inside the Armor, which was sold and changed its profile

35066 Etched Straight Weld Beads






China Again: Lion Roar

LAM 025 Weld Mark for WWII AFV









Russian Mars Models

35037 Welded Seams









And another one from the Russian, Microdesign

000230 Weld beads





There is only one product from the Polish Mirage Hobby , but in two implementations, differing in material

235002 Weld Lines









Another Part Pole with three products in different sizes

P35 044 Weld Lines (1.4mm, 1mm)









P35 045 Weld Lines (0.8mm)









P35 046 Weld Lines (0.35mm, 0.6mm)









Italian Royal Model

397 Gas-Welding









Everyone knows Chinese Voyager Model

TE030 Military Vehicles Weld Mark









And the American-Belgian Verlinden Productions that left us

2520 Welding Beads









Actually, not so much. Most likely the product is not very much in demand. Although, looking at the width of the assortment of the next manufacturer, you begin to doubt this. American Archer is quite famous for its dry decals, was born into a whole welding workshop

AR88005 Perfect weld bead starter set









AR88006 Arc weld bead starter set









Since there are a lot of products and they are of a serial nature, I will demonstrate them this way.

AR88017 .015-inch (.38 mm) wide arc weld beads AR88018 .025-inch (.64 mm) wide arc weld beads AR88019 .030-inch (.76 mm) wide arc weld beads AR88020 .040-inch (1 mm) wide arc weld beads


AR88059 .040-inch (1 mm) wide perfect weld beads AR88060 .030-inch (.76 mm) wide perfect weld beads AR88061 .025-inch (.64 mm) wide perfect weld beads AR88062 .015-inch (.38 mm) wide perfect weld beads

AR88090 Micro weld beads







AR88149 .015-inch (.38 mm) wide perfect weld beads in circular patterns AR88150 .025-inch (.64 mm) perfect weld beads in circular patterns AR88151 .030-inch (.76 mm) wide perfect weld beads in circular patterns AR88152 .040 inch (1 mm) wide perfect weld beads in circular patterns


AR88156 .015-inch (.38 mm) wide arc weld beads in circular patterns AR88157 .025-inch (.64 mm) wide arc weld beads in circular patterns AR88158 .030-inch (.76 mm) wide arc weld beads in circular patterns AR88159 .040-inch (1 mm) wide arc weld beads in circular patterns

Here are just reviews and descriptions of the application, I did not find. Can anyone share their impressions?

So my next review ends and I would like to finish it beautifully, but without going beyond the discussion topic. Thank God, there is no need for this, welding, or rather welding seams, are not only functional, but beautiful enough in themselves.

A 23-year-old artist and welder from Chicago (USA) has discovered a new kind of fine art that is not inferior in its picturesqueness to many classical techniques: “I create my works by argon-arc welding or TIG (in the environment of tungsten shielding gas).

Richard Louth: “Many people create beautiful works of art with a pencil or brush. I use my welding machine for this.

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