What is he looking for …?

Well, it became clear who, when and how came to the site, but why – not yet. I really hope that in addition to hackers and casual visitors, there are also people purposefully entering and using my site. Why and how?

First, these are the kitographies themselves. Even before the creation of this site (2018), I made pdf versions of the publications “Soviet medium tanks T-54 / T-55 …” (10.2016), “Soviet / Russian tankers” (03.2017), “Soviet heavy tanks” Joseph Stalin “” (11.2017), “Sources of water …” (12.2017). Initially, they were distributed through the Panzer35 website, and were stored for free on Yandex.Disk. When transferring them to the site, I took into account the number of previous downloads. I not correct this indicator.

Release chronology and number of downloads

It is clear and logical that the older the publication, the more times it has been downloaded. And the newcomers cannot get ahead of the old people. But such an indicator as the number of downloads per week will reveal the leader not by age, but by popularity. I did it myself for the first time, that’s why it’s interesting.

The first two places are easy to explain – the prototypes are interesting (of course), this (fully completed kitography) was new and there were no electronic catalogs yet (on my website). Maybe something else, well, for example, that the download link was posted on one of the most popular domestic modeling resources, namely the Panzer35 website

Here are the third and fourth places – quite unusual. Those. I have never met any non-technical kitographies before, but topics come to me by inspiration – this is not preceded by some kind of analysis of market needs. I am glad that I guessed right and is in demand.

The fifth and sixth places are logical and pleasing.

Seventh place is unexpected. Yes, a provocation, but without counting on success

Eighth place is a shame. There is not one model / modification, but a whole bunch. And not really necessary?

Ninth place – okay. It didn’t hurt that I wanted to. Purely for the soul.

A separate plug-in Simple Download Monitor is responsible for downloading, which provides this very opportunity. Plus, he monitors this process a little and keeps some logs and statistics.

The logic of the download is clear from the magazine: a person has found a certain site with interesting, free and downloadable content. And what does he do? That’s right: it pumps whatever he want. This is what the absolute majority does.

Since my site is visited by a very different number of users every day, the number of downloads is very different. And here I do not observe consistent growth: the simple saw!

For example, here are the data for August


or over the last year

The peak of downloads was almost three years ago, namely on August 18, 2018, and amounted to 244 downloads in one day. I’ve already talked about the novelty factor.

This plugin also keeps statistics for countries – on a geographic map. For August it looks like this:



If it is not too clear, then you can look at it in tabular form

For the entire period of the site’s validity, it was not possible to paint over the entire map (which is probably impossible),


but quite exotic countries are on the list:

I must say that for the first year and a half, China was the leader in downloads.

In addition to the “printed” kitographies themselves, there are also electronic catalogs. True, not all kitographies have catalogs and vice versa. So these directories are located on separate pages on which their counters exist. Moreover, my catalogs are bilingual, so there is a chance to track the preferences of the domestic and foreign public. By the way, I found out that I did not make a Russian page for the toilets.

The “Library” page is the start page, so it is logical that it accounts for the most visits in general and the foreign public in particular. And it is not at all logical that this is not the most visited page in Russian. Although, it is likely, on the contrary, it is logical – these are Russians! With an approximate equality of the number of visits of the Russian (41.1%) and English versions (58.9%) for individual kithographs, there is a stronger bias


The first two lines, for the reasons stated earlier, are not taken into account. If the T-55 is equally interesting to everyone, the IS tanks are more attractive to the Russian audience – and this is all understandable, but why the T-26 is more loved by foreigners is not clear. Maybe his foreign roots and “relatives” have affected?

And, finally, as it was done with “printed” kitographies, let us repeat it with electronic catalogs. Namely, we will determine the leader in terms of the number of views per week, because it is clear that older publications also have more views, and so we will see the average number of visits per week.

I must say that I am personally surprised! It is clear that models of toilets, in contrast to their prototypes, are not popular, but here is that a combined hodgepodge of bicycles, wheelbarrows, carts and welders – came out in the top three …!

If we combine the ratings of downloads and visits, we get the following table of confusion and hesitation:

You can understand why the T-55, the leader in downloads, is in the penultimate place of views: it downloaded two years more than it looked. But here the small armored vehicles in both guises came out at the same time.

In short, I did not find any bright tendencies in the distribution of interests of the Russian / English-speaking public, the use of “printed” kitographies / electronic catalogs. The main thing I found out is that there is some interest, people are walking, watching. To your health and benefit!


The composite display items in any view are the products themselves. Almost two and a half thousand of them are included in the database. In each directory, the top five most viewed entries are displayed at the bottom, but there is no direct overall rating. Here are the top 5 most viewed kits.

Name Number of views
6018 JS-2m ChKZ (Dragon) 28
01024 SS-1C SCUD (Trumpeter) 27
6052 JS-1 (Dragon) 25
00316 IS-3M (Trumpeter) 24
35011 T-20 Komsomolets (ADV/Azimut Productions) 18

Heavy tanks are the absolute favorites!

The full distribution of records by views is presented here on this graph.


It’s not tricky to figure out that the remaining 1,090 have not been viewed even once! It’s a pity. My efficiency is greater than that of a steam locomotive, but much less than that of an electric motor. At the level of a diesel engine.


PS By the way, after I told you how and who is trying to hack my site, activity in this direction has increased significantly. This means that hackers not only break, but also read this site.

The guy from the Seychelles changed his mind and went to rest under the palm trees, but a Czech colleague took his place, looking up from the beer. And with his ardent work he proved that the Slavs, if they want, can move mountains!

Do you feel the number of attempts from one address? Let me remind you: the islander had 79 locks. Thank God, compatriots have appeared on the list! And then I really thought that I was not interesting to domestic specialists.

Well, the total number of attempts to squeeze out administrator rights almost doubled.


Dear hackers!

I am not provoking you by fully recognizing your superiority in this area.

I’m just telling people.