Wheelbarrows in civilization

In the future, the car already served the cause of peaceful construction. First in America in the image of the 135th Construction Battalion (вряд ли они за натурой ездили в Европу)

CO 0069 Construction Worker w/Wheelbarrow









CO 0108 Construction Worker w/Wheelbarrow









Europe itself was more occupied with landscaping. Although in fact it’s the other way round, but as stated by the Polish  Super Euromodeller.

SE 35005 Gardener with Barrow







SE 35004 Barrow and Garden Tools







Their compatriots from Mantis Miniatures displayed a rather rare rural way of life by releasing a series of sets

35115 Country Boy & accessories









MAC15 Country accessories









And supported by their Belgian youth and American maturity Verlinden Productions

 2660 The Farmyard Plow / Wheelbarrow / Grinder









For the rest of the sets, your imagination will no longer be limited. Cars from Ukrainian Customfactory

CF35070 Unicycle wheelbarrow







french MK35

A028 Closed wheelbarrow







сzech RES-IM

35010 Wooden farmers cart









of the same nationality PlusModel

EL053 Wooden wheelbarrow









can be used in dioramas for all times (but not the construction of the pyramids – see the previous post) and all areas of activity.

PlusModel restricts imagination

361 Barrel Mixer









If someone wants exotic, then at his service a product from the Belgian LSG Laser Kits

A35011 Wheelbarrow, Box







Exotic is both the material of the set, then its developer: Argentinean Lucas Gargoloff

While we were talking about wheelbarrows with sides, for bulk cargo. But there are still cars without boards and now a good reason to switch from one to another

A35010 Wheelbarrow, Flat







Their northern neighbors, Custom Dioramics, demonstrate European classic agricultural classics.

CD 6043 European Farm Equipment







What they are supported by the French ADV dioarama concept

 35607 Farm Yard Set

35607 Farm Yard Set







and MK35

F068 Man Pushing on his Wheelbarrow









A015 The Wheelbarrow







Ukrainian MiniArt returns us to the industrial-urban areas

35572 Raiway Tools & Equipment






35594 Construction Set






it is continued by Czech PlusModel

EL051 Wheelbarrow









the next set of which allows you to implement two-in-one

289 Rural Set









To whom the third cart is superfluous, for those a set of Italian Royal Model

643 Wheelbarrows







Surely someone paid attention to the fact that in the 21st century we continue to talk exclusively about wooden products made using technologies (as we now know) almost a thousand years ago. The trends of the time still reached the participants of the model industry and they, not many, but nevertheless, paid a bit of attention to modern construction cars from metal with a stamped body.

The first noted progressive Japanese from Hasegawa releasing a whole team of road workers

WM03 Construction Worker Set A






MiniArt dispensed with people

35593 Concrete Mixer Set






and the Hungarian Balaton Model cost just one car

BM3564 Wheelbarrow








as are the Chinese from J’s Work





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