Women’s bicycles

Until a certain moment, the joy of two-wheeled movement was inaccessible to women. In general, there was a bicycle, but two-wheeled – no.

Actually, the reason is simple and banal – skirts. Ladies of the Victorian era were stiff and clad in armor from head to toe. Yes, and the bikes of those times are strange enough – you really had to be a circus performer to climb it.

So it would remain until someone (I could not find for sure) guessed to change the design of the frame.

And then it went, went. In 1896, American human rights activist Susan B. Anthony uttered the following words: “A bicycle has made more women to emancipate than anything else in this world. I rejoice every time I see a woman on a bicycle.

And although now it’s completely different times and a completely different fashion, in which there is no particular need for such a frame design,

but a phenomenon called “ladies’ bike” remained. Interestingly, even in the USSR in which there were no ladies, and there were only comrades, such bicycles were called precisely ladies’, not women’s.

There is no doubt that all bicycle manufacturers, regardless of nationality, without fail paid attention to this area


Please note the complete and correct, in addition to the planted frame, ladies bike set: chain and rear wheel protection.

The manufacturers of the model industry were not left without this look.

In a series of military cyclists from Master Box, there was a place for recruiting

35166 Frau Müller Woman & Women’s Bicycle Europe, WWII era







The kit from the French MK35 breathes with the same chastity

F139 Nun and her bicycle









Actually, it was the bicycles themselves that ended on this, then sets will go without them. For example, a set of figures from DIOPARK

DP35012 ’60-’70 Southern Vietnamese






Poles from Mantis Miniatures slightly reduced the degree of innocence by releasing a series of sets

35082 Pin-up Girl #2










35083 Pin-up Girls Set 1










35084 Pin-up Girl & Accessories for bicycles










MAC09 Accessories for bicycles










However, they are not alone. Composition from Korean SOL Model continues and develops this theme.










And even if it’s not even a cyclist, but a woman on a bicycle. Although yes, the Germans also need to be added.

Their compatriots from  Legend Productions went even further and embodied in a resin a frame from the Italian erotic movie “Minx”,

 in Italian, Monella, from 1998 in the set

LF0106 Monella












With these women, why not start – ends with the same thing!

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