Wooden wells

I found something else that can be updated, and radically: kitography on water sources! Printed version in legacy logic (broken down by manufacturer, not by subject) and design. Moreover, there is no electronic catalog itself. In addition, I never showed you the first version of the cover, over which I struggled for a couple of days.

And the failure with him brought to life something bubbly that is at the moment. Successful experience in working with toilets shows that small architectural forms are an extensible concept and can be easily stretched over wells, fountains, and so on.

So there you go! Of course, I’ll start with wooden wells. Regardless of whether it is an old well


or remake

they all have a certain charm and attract attention. I had to use these devices, it’s true for a long time, and it always left a meaningful and positive impression.

The prevalence of wooden wells in Russia makes it possible to start the review with a domestic manufacturer, indicating products from the discontinued Bastion35


W3509 Countryside Well






W3526 Countryside Well #2






and from a living SVmodel

3501 Village Well






According to the classics of the genre: a wooden product is reproduced by a wooden model. The Hungarian Limes Model did the same.

35108 Wishing well









True, now this model is not on their website, most likely it is a passing thing for a model company.

But everyone else chose a more familiar resin as a material, which, however, did not make their products worse.

Polish Eureka XXL with product

ED-3505 Wooden Water Well








и китайская Lion Roar

LD35002 Russian Country Wooden Well












settled on the classic version with a lifting gate. But the Dutch DioDump offers a much rarer and more exotic type with a lifting “crane”

DD042 Lever Well (Eastern Europe)








The Italian Royal Modelmoves away from the Russian theme and gives a model, albeit Eastern Europe, but still Europe

572 East European Well-WWII











Wells themselves are rarely the main theme of a diorama. Although, as with any rule, there are exceptions to this. As Maxim Kolesov did ten years ago in his work “Probably the forest begins …“.

Although here, too, he sets off a “flock” of trees, i.e. again itself is not primary. The well is completely home-grown; it will not work to tie it to the above products. On my own I would like to add doubts about the presence of a well at the edge of the forest, but this is entirely at the discretion of the author.

Basically, however, wooden wells provide a geographical reference for the diorama. Where do you think the plot takes place from “Obervahmister of the Wehrmacht cavalry…” from Konstantin Kapitonov?

(yes, yes, not in 1/35, so what!)

There is nothing to guess here – in Russia or for the WWII period – in the USSR.

If the country of the plot does not raise any questions, then the well will definitely take us to the countryside.

And if in the works of Andrey Skiba “Guardian of the Well

and Anton Kapatsin “Long-awaited coolness

(I really wanted to drink – I ran away and got drunk)

this plot is secondary and only makes itself felt a little, then in the works of Alexander Karanin “The Eternal Call


and Alexander Alefirenko “Strangers

it is primary and all enveloping.

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