Pz. Kpfw 38(t) (01.2019)

I present to you the sixth edition of the series “In the mirror 1/35 scale”. It again differs from previous issues, although devoted to military topics, but this time the representative of the German military equipment.
This tank Russian designer Iranian customers and Czech manufacturers. These tanks fought in Poland and France, made up a third of the tanks invading the USSR.



Sources of water: fountains, wells, water pumps, hydrants and so on (12.2017)

I present to you the fifth edition of the series “In the mirror 1/35 scale”. It’s subject matter is unique: it is not a technique or people. This is not a military topic at all.
For fans of dioramas, I gathered information on models of fountains, wells, water pumps and fire hydrants, combining them under a general name: water sources.


Soviet Heavy Tanks Joseph Stalin (11.2017)

Нou are invited to issue another catalog, dedicated, this time, to the Soviet heavy tanks “Joseph Stalin” and the machines based on them. 77 pages on which information about almost 350 products of 94 firms is posted.
As always, the material was formed at the Panzer35 forum with the active participation of colleagues. For which they all my greatest gratitude.

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Soviet/Russian Tankmen (03.2017)

I present to you the third edition of the series “In the mirror 1/35 scale”. Unlike the previous two, it is not dedicated to machines, but to people. Namely the figures of Soviet and Russian tankmen. The review does not include tank troop figures, for in fact they are infantry. It is possible, someday in the future, they will be added.
As before, the material was formed at the Panzer35 forum with the participation of colleagues.  In the future, I’m planning to return to miniatures several times.



Multi-turret Soviet Tanks (01.2017)

I present to you the second publication of the series “In the mirror 1/35 scale”. As the name suggests, the publication focuses on multi-turret Soviet tanks: the passion of military the first third of the last century the symbols of power of the Soviet state. The items have been combined, as their selection is poor, despite a whole range of new products.
The materials were developed on Panzer35 forum with active contribution of colleagues. It’s them who made it possible to extend the range with rare resin kits .

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Soviet medium tanks T-54/T-55 variants&conversions (10.2016)

For your attention is the attempt to gather in one place information about all the kits, add-ons, and conversion set for models of tanks T‑54/T‑55, him foreign clones and other machinery on their base in 1/35 scale: over hundreds of companies and almost 600 products.
It was not the original purpose, and evolutionary grew out of a review of the model and aftermarket, which I kept on the forum Panzer35. I hope that the first pancake turned out not quite lumpy, and this work will be useful for you.