Convenience. Afterword.

In the course of forming kitografii I belatedly discovered a couple more sets.

From modern – this is the Dutch DioDump with a product

DD017 Vintage outhouse













And I was able to see a outhouse in an antique product from Verlinden Production, found in two versions

609 Farmyard DCS





1362 The Farmyard








A total of 74 products, of which slightly less than half are wooden toilets. This is much more than I expected. Let me remind you that there are only 44 complete sets of T-26 tanks (the theme of my previous kitography). It’s a little offensive for the tanks.

Increased attention to the topic other than ease of implementation and not explained. Dioramas on this topic is, but quite rare. Moreover, domestic modelers, if they are inspired by the theme and “factory” products, it is the booths that are made from scrap materials. This is what Alexander Ilyasov did in his time in miniature Gardeners

Likewise a colleague of fms at work  on the Western Front

and Ivan Karpikov at work Country toilet

These buildings also take part in larger-scale compositions to convey the “romance” of the rural hinterland. How it is implemented in Mikhail Antipov‘s work “Before the Battle of Kursk

Outside Russia, the situation is exactly the same. Mr rockpopandchips in the diorama The old shed 

toilet assembled from ice cream sticks

On the website of the Ukrainian firm Master Box there is a gallery of works using their sets, including the German Martin Guertler

The figures of Soviet soldiers are key here, so there is no information about the toilet. But there is also the only work I have met with a figure in the process. Vouchsafed to this the Hungarian  Gabor Fekecs

using a kit already known to you from this company.

The rarity of such dioramas is not surprising, for example, the rules of the IPMS (International Plastic Modellers’ Society) competitions explicitly state: “There shall be no depiction of excretory functions depicting any human being or animal”.

People quite often react negatively to such model novelties from this area. In the comments on the review of the 2017 Bravo-6 B6-35121 figure, there are such as from Taeuss: “Personally I find it rather revolting …“. Approximately the same he repeats in the comments of the review on the product from ICM this year. I have long gone through teenage phobias and I feel closer to the position of Vicious, expressed in the same place: “… in the end a soldier thake a piss more times than he shoots … so why not!“.

With the undoubtedly generally accepted squeamish attitude towards the public implementation of this process, I personally prefer the littered fields to the battlefields strewn with corpses. If the armies just threw shit humiliating each other, everything would be much easier. And then the war reports would look something like this: “Russia and the United States have once again exchanged shitty missile strikes. The White House is in shit, the Kremlin too. The presidents have been evacuated, the territory is being disinfected.

And people would work, relax, raise children and take care of their parents at this time!