Gas cylinders. Again

At the very beginning of the formation of this unusual kitography, I declared it as a way to get rid of the “garbage” that distracted attention: I described it and forgot it. This is what Solomon did – “Solomon Shereshevsky, the Unforgettable“: he wrote down his memories on paper and burned it.

I don’t know about Solomon, but I got the opposite effect. At least in the part of gas cylinders. Maybe it’s my own fault, the devil pulled me in a post on gas cylinders to blurt out: “Moreover, all this is not a trade secret and can be reproduced by anyone and on any scale.” Even if this is not so and you can see it with the naked eye, let me indulge my pride and do not disappoint me.

It all started with the Belgian Joefix Studio, which had a very simple set:

1005 old gas cylinders







Okay, I thought – once, it doesn’t count. But here the Italian HDModels comes in with two products

HDMD35084 Gas Cylinder (6pcs) HDMD35085 Central Heating with Gas Cylinder


After that, the Australian Black Hat Models did not surprise with his three different-sized sets.

Gas Bottles with valves (big) Gas Bottles with valves  (middle) Gas Bottles with valves  (small)


In the clarification brackets, this is my gag, because the antipodes did not even bother, giving all the sets the same names. This is how people also number them.

Well, after the delights of the Russian COMBAT, flashed only and exclusively in the Internet store  Я-моделист

35554 Gas cylinders No.1 35555 Gas cylinders No.2 35556 Gas cylinders Type No. 3 35557 Gas cylinders Type No. 4 35558 Gas cylinders Type No. 5


I also grew hysterical and decided to show all that is with a hint of brand-name, ie to the brand or manufacturer. For example, a Spanish modeler who sells on eBay under the brand name Modelismo indechoski

M.I.586 WWII Gas Bottles 2 pcs resin









It at least has item numbering.

And here are the Chinese Wan-zone trading on  AliExpress

Gas Cylinder Steel Combination Oxygen Cylinder Common


Maybe these pictures contain additional and interesting information, but it is hidden in hieroglyphs, which for me are Chinese letters.

Similar, but simpler, the Craft_MallA store sells on eBay

Oxygen Cylinder Fuel Gas Bottle









Ukrainian MiniArtcontinues to operate the once created cylinder sprues and carts for them, this time in a set of a German field workshop








Not without archeology, and quite geographically exotic: the products of the ancient Argentine firm Crazy Lines Models

13 Tubos oxigeno-acetileno Americanos













Another find from a less exotic, but also distant area: from American Warriors Scale Models. But, since I can not determine either the commodity index or find the box art, I will not put it in the catalog

Transport and cylinders for welding

But not only gas cylinders emerged from oblivion.

There are a couple more news in the same area, but in a slightly different area. The Englishman manic_moschops , due to the pandemic and quarantine, got into the habit of 3D printing all sorts of car little things and selling them on eBay under the Orlandoo Diorama brand

garage accessories Mig Welder






You can see for yourself how much he succeeded


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