One more kitography.

It turned out not very big: 196 products from 72 companies – 40 pages. And this is good: the golden mean.

Kitography is available for download on the site

I started posting the description of the process in the Chronicles section of this site in mid-April, and now it’s mid-August, it turns out 4 months.

For the first time, I conducted a bilingual reporting on the formation: in Russian and English. 14 topics were published under the heading “Soviet fast BT tanks

At the moment, the Russian-language page of the catalog was visited by 5,263 visitors, the English-language one – 8,145. For evaluation: the attendance of similar resources on the T-26 tank at the moment is 34,693/41,935. Actual figures can be viewed on the corresponding pages.

The materials came out with duplication, respectively, on domestic and foreign resources. The topic has 4027 views on Panzer35, 1600 on KitMaker. Naturally, the tank is Soviet. Everywhere there was a favorable attitude of readers, for which many thanks to you all.

And although no one asks me about my creative plans, I will nevertheless answer.

For the military and pre-war Soviet periods, I did not cover the KV tanks, the family of armored vehicles and cars, as well as towed artillery and, in the kit, tractors and tractors. It turns out the list is very finite.

To expand it, thoughts are swarming in my head about the BRDM and the armored personnel carrier (I want to glue it myself). I have a pdf edition of the Czech-German Pz.Kpfw 38 (t), but there is no catalog on the site, which is not systemic. I’m hoarding material. It is extremely logical to supplement the T-26 catalog with relatives: Vickers and 7TP. It would be necessary to update the catalogs for the IS tanks (late 2017) and T-54 / T-55 (early 2019). The last one is just scary to take.

There are dreams for figurines. But for this it is necessary to buy another copy of foreign software. For now, this is not possible.

I myself can not name the topic of the next study. Whatever gets into your head is what will happen.

You, too, cannot exactly name what exactly you will collect after the current model.