Convenience. Two years later.

Last April, there was somehow no time for humor at all, but in this, even if the situation is preserved in principle, it can already be allowed. Although it is precisely laughter in the text below that there will not be much.


If you categorically disagree with this – do not read further: you will save your nerves and yourself, and others, and me.



Two years ago, I reacted to the April announcement of the field toilet from ICM and created a small kitography “Outhouse/Toilet in mirror 1/35 scale” on 15 pages and a database of 83 titles, the process of formation of which is displayed in several articles on this site (in chronological order):

Convenience in the yard

Convenience in the yard. Part 2

Convenience outside the yard.

Convenience at home

Amenities Consumers (Adults Only)

Convenience. Afterword.

with quotes from my favorite work of the Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek about the adventures of the good soldier Schweik.


On all topics of my publications, I constantly monitor the information space and catch information on the subject of each of them. When a certain critical level is exceeded, I form a new pdf version of the catalog. For two years, the new version did not gather up, but there is still something.


So Schweik:

“- I dare to report, Herr Oberleutnant, I’m here again,” Schweik said solemnly, taking it under his visor.

Of the latest models of classic rural products in a wooden version, it should be noted the product from the Russian company Martin, released this year.

35003lz Village toilet, pressboard, laser cutting









and last year’s announcement from Russian ДМС (denisssmodels).

DMS-01021 Village toilet









A similar product from the German company GERO Design two years ago.










And I found a very ancient resin kit from, presumably, the Polish company DD Model,

03 Toilet









as well as a completely new 3D from the Spanish Drum and Crates.

DC5203 Outdoor latrine










The equipping of public places of visit can be confidently attributed to urinals, the latest models of which are offered by the Singaporean Weirdo Models

35007 Urinals & Squat potty









and Poles from EMP 3D,

35100108 Pisuar






but the latter have advanced more in the field of individual use, releasing models of toilet bowls in a wide range of sizes and products.

35100101 Compact WC open






35100102 Compact WC Closed






35100105 Toilet bowl + toilet seat + cistern – type 1






35100106 Toilet bowl + toilet seat + cistern – type 2






They are actively echoed by Ukrainians from DANmodels

DM35013 Toilet.









DAN35314 Accessories for diorama. Toilet (kit #2)







There is also a product from the English red zebra

Toilet and cisten









Although the previously mentioned Spaniards also print them

DC5452 Vintage toilet









For a long time, these (Spaniards) and many, having found a “golden” vein, have expanded the range offered to the full equipment of the toilet room.

DC5481 Vintage Bathroom







The pioneer in this business was most likely the American Baseline Hobbies,

F002 Bathroom Furnishings




and in the successors already previously mentioned Weirdo Models

 35003 Toilet & Washbasin









Happy April’s Fool Day!